EXCLUSIVE AUDIO — CBS 12 Execs Plot Firings . . . Laugh Off Possibility 2014 Firings Were Illegal!


WEST PALM BEACH -- In a meeting for managers at CBS12 headquarters late last year, General Manager Mike Pumo, HR Boss Julie Dyer and News Director Mike McCormick purportedly discussed how to properly and legally fire station employees. They even got some good yucks when McCormick brought up his worries that firings in 2014 may have been illegal! The get-together was called when McCormick noticed that the station's policy on firings was too … [Read more...]

OPINION — West Palm Beach City Hall Goes After CBS12 . . . And CBS12 Bends Over!


In yet another governmental attack on Palm Beach County's media, the City of West Palm Beach dressed down CBS12 in a story posted on the homepage of its taxpayer-funded website under the headline "Did CBS12 intentionally mislead its viewers?" Next to the station's red logo on wpb.org, Communications Director Elliot Cohen takes the CBS affiliate to task for a story by Kathleen Walter that aired in the 11 p.m. news Monday. In doing so on … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — CBS12 Star Eric Roby’s Divorce a Done Deal . . . Wife Filed After Finding Unknown Numbers Called From His Phone!


WEST PALM BEACH -- After a year of nasty allegations, the divorce of morning, noon and 3 p.m. CBS12 anchor Eric Roby from wife of 11 years Audra was finalized right on time for the holidays. Roby, 41, whose legal name is James, had been duking it out with his TV producer ex, 40, since she allegedly found him more distant, and discovered phone numbers she didn't recognize on their joint cellphone bill, court papers show. According to some of … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Cameraman: CBS 12’s a Mickey Mouse Operation!


WEST PALM BEACH -- A cameraman recently hired by WPEC-CBS12 up and quit this week after blasting the station as a Mickey Mouse operation with poor equipment and little guidance. CBS12 is so low-grade, Vince Norman wrote his bosses in an email, that he walked out before the end of his three-month probationary period. "I have reached the limit of what I'm willing to put up with," he wrote. In a media world where jobs are few and far … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — CBS12 Hires Rare Fox-y Lady; Say Hello to Mary Quinn O’Connor!

WEST PALM BEACH -- Gossip Extra would like to extend a warm welcome to new local TV reporter Mary Quinn O'Connor. We trust she'll stand out quickly on the otherwise bleak TV landscape in West Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast. First, there are her looks. She's a hottie, and we even dug out a bikini shot of the 20-something reporter. Unfortunately, there's a dude in the picture -- but you get the idea. And then, O'Connor has … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — CBS12 Cans News Director Cathy Younkin

WEST PALM BEACH -- After years of downward ratings, WPEC-CBS12  abruptly fired news director Cathy Younkin this morning, Gossip Extra has learned. "An announcement was made, something about her leaving to pursue other interests," said a newsroom source, "but it's pretty clear to everybody that she was canned." The mood in the newsroom? "It doesn't appear that too many people are crying." General Manager Michael Pumo confirmed that … [Read more...]

Charge vs CBS12 Anchor John Discepolo’s Twitter Jokester Dropped, Viewers Ballistic!

Prime-time CBS12 anchor John Discepolo and Liz Quirantes (WND.com photo)

WEST PALM BEACH -- New WPEC-Channel 12 prime-time anchor John Discepolo is getting into a nasty back-and-forth with viewers on Twitter after the Palm Beach County State Attorney dropped a criminal charge filed against the Lake Worth man whose tweet to Discepolo got him arrested. The misdemeanor charge of intimidation through written threat was dropped against Martin Pierro, 41, on Friday, according to court records. Here is the offending … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE: Owner of Website With Reporters’ Private Info Puts Out Creepy Statement

Using an image that's become the symbol of many protest movements around the world, the owner of a website that appeared this week with the DOBs, and home addresses and private hone numbers of Palm Beach County reporters released a statement today. After Gossip Extra reached out to the person through the deadbeatlink.com website to ask what's up, the video above was included in the otherwise-empty email sent in response. In the statement … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — CBS12 Cancels Nightly News Slot!


WPEC-CBS12 is canceling its 7 p.m. news show over the next few weeks -- leaving anchors Ben Becker and Stephanie Watson to wonder about their jobs! The 7 p.m. news became a unique local product in the market but never caught on with viewers as it competed since its inception seven years ago against lighter fares like gossip TV and Wheel of Fortune. Becker and Watson, who was hired in December, will be replaced by the syndicated tabloid … [Read more...]

BREAKING — CBS4 Miami Weatherman Jeff Berardelli Joins WPB’s CBS12!

The exodus of talent continues at CBS4 Miami as weekend weatherman Jeff Berardelli has told his buds in the newsroom he is hightailing it to West Palm Beach! According to mediabistro.com, the six-year rough-weather veteran is slated to start at WPEC-Channel 12 within weeks. The news comes in the wake of yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Berardelli's boss, CBS4 Chief Meteorologist David Bernard, told sources he's leaving in the fall … [Read more...]

OPINION — Time For TV Stations to Level With Viewers!

With arrests of staffers with ties to two local television stations, one mysterious firing at a third and hush-hush wholesale changes at a fourth, South Florida's boob tube officials have been less than forthcoming. And for a business that depends on openness and transparency to make money, that's inexcusable. Gossip Extra says: It's time for TV's corporate hacks to rethink what passes for policy on employee privacy, and stop taking us … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Ex-CBS12 Director Gets 10 Years in Underage Sex Attempt

A WPEC-Channel 12 newscast director fired after his arrest for trying to hook up with a 15-year-old boy quietly pleaded guilty to felony enticement. He was sentenced to 10 years behind bars! It's another Gossip Extra exclusive: Christopher Siegert, 30, who produced newscasts for the West Palm Beach CBS affiliate, just checked into the low-security Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Central Florida to serve his sentence. He's … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Ex-CBS 12 Anchor Curt Fonger: I’m Selling Houses!

Two years after WPEC-Channel 12 refused to renew his anchorman's contract, Curt Fonger has reappeared in a new gig. He's now in real estate, bow tie and all. "It was time to reinvent myself," Fonger says. "Viewers kept asking me when I'd be back on the air, but no television station manager asked the same question. So, I'm looking for listings." -- For more of South Florida's best media gossip, click to register for the alerts After … [Read more...]