BREAKING NEWS — West Palm Beach Doc Salomon Melgen Indicted on Medicare Fraud!

Salomon Melgen

WEST PALM BEACH -- Salomon Melgen, a West Palm Beach ophthalmologist who treated thousands of area residents, was arrested tonight and charged with Medicare fraud. It's the second time Melgen, 61, is arrested this month. He was indicted on April 1 in a political corruption conspiracy alongside New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. Menendez is believed to have accepted more than $1 million in gifts from the Dominican Republic-born Melgen in … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Fox 29 Star Anchors Jay Cashmere, Ashley Hinson in Uneasy Truce After Huge Blowup!

WEST PALM BEACH -- WFLX-Fox 29 10 p.m. anchors Jay Cashmere and Ashley Hinson are not on speaking terms these days. They look professional on the air, of course. But sources in the newsroom, which Fox 29 shares with WPTV-Channel 5, tell Gossip Extra that the tension is palpable every night. Apparently, Cashmere let his legendary temper do the talking after a recent broadcast, and the diminutive Hinson caught the brunt of it. "Jay made … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — No Jail For Vanilla Ice in Burglary . . . Gets 100 Hours of Community Service, $1,000-Fine!

Vanilla Ice tries to put arrest behind him with charity project for disabled boy

WEST PALM BEACH -- Ever so quietly, Wellington rapper Vanilla Ice agreed to serve 100 hours of community service this morning in exchange for authorities dropping grand theft charges leveled against him in a strange incident in February in Lantana. Ice, whose real name is Rob VanWinkle, appeared before judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer in a downtown West Palm Beach courtroom to accept the plea agreement. He was also told to pay $1,000 in … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Allman Brothers Band Drummer Butch Trucks in IRS’ Sights!

Butch Trucks

WEST PALM BEACH -- The Internal Revenue Service is after West Palm Beach rock star Butch Trucks. And The Allman Brothers Band drummer, whose biggest song, Midnight Rider, talks about having one more silver dollar, could see his bank account substantially affected after Uncle Sam's done with him. It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: According to Palm Beach County records, the IRS just filed a lien against Trucks' downtown West Palm Beach … [Read more...]

GREAT MUGSHOTS — WPB Man, Son-in-Law Nabbed in Car Burglary


WEST PALM BEACH -- Once in a great while, a couple of mugshots are much more interesting than the crimes that landed their subjects in jail -- and here is a perfect example. West Palm Beach's Jose Pastrana, 40, and his son-in-law, Caymen Suarez, 18, were nabbed yesterday in connection with the burglary of a car parked in downtown West Palm Beach. Pastrana is still in the slammer until he posts a $10,000-bail on charges of dealing in stolen … [Read more...]

NO PHOTOS! Broward Judges Dismiss 24,000 Red Light Tickets Worth Millions!


FORT LAUDERDALE – If a camera in Broward County recently caught you running a red light, you could be off the hook! Two Broward County traffic judges have dismissed 24,000 pending red light ticket cases, totaling more than $6 million in revenues for municipalities. They ruled that the red light program violated Florida state law! For years, the videos taken by the traffic cameras were reviewed by employees at a private company, American … [Read more...]

WEST PALM BEACH Has Whispered . . . It’s Jeri Muoio For Mayor, Again!

West Palm Beach reelected Jeri Muoio (left) over former city commish Kimberly Mitchell (Gossip Extra collage)

WEST PALM BEACH -- Mayor Jeri Muoio won a second term last night in an election shunned by most voters in the city of West Palm Beach. Muoio beat former City Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell by nearly 3,000 votes. According to the office of the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, Muoio won with 7,249 votes to Mitchell's 4,319. A total 11,568 votes were cast -- from a total population of 102,436, according to the latest … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS – Senator Bob Menendez to Be Indicted in Corruption Scandal Involving WPB Doc Salomon Melgen!

Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey (ArmsControlNow photo)

WASHINGTON D.C. -- The Justice Department is preparing to file criminal corruption charges against a high-ranking senator who did pricey favors for a big money donor based in West Palm Beach. Sen. Robert Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey, has been under investigation for two years as the Justice Department has probed his relationship with West Palm Beach ophthamologist, Salomon Melgen. One of the centerpieces of the investigation is a … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Do as I Say, Not as I do: West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio, Relatives Don’t Pay Business Taxes!

Jeri Muoio

WEST PALM BEACH -- West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio, who's in the fight of her life for her City Hall job, has failed to pay at least two types of local business taxes on two companies based in her $1.35 million-house, Gossip Extra has learned. According to records, Muoio has never paid the occupational city and Palm Beach County taxes on a business she started with her husband in 2005. What's more, no one paid those taxes on a second … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Alleged Bill Cosby Victim From Florida Reveals Identity After 30 Years!

Jennifer K Thompson feature

SPRING HILL, Fla. – One of Bill Cosby’s accusers who has kept her identity secret for 30 years has come forward to support the three dozen women who've already claimed that America’s Favorite Dad sexually assaulted them. And this one is one of ours! Hernando County resident Jennifer K. “Kaya” Thompson, 44, first told her story as Jane Doe No. 2 in 2005 and 2006. She then went semi-public to tell her story to the press in 2014 under the … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — New West Palm Beach Commish Paula Ryan Waltzes Into Office With History of Bankruptcies, Lawsuits And Personal Problems!

Paula Ryan

WEST PALM BEACH -- Former developer Paula Ryan is set to be sworn in as a City of West Palm Beach commissioner in April without having had to raise money or debate an opponent. On her way to the halls of power Ryan, 55, wasn't vetted by voters. And when she'll materialize on the dais for the first time, taxpayers are likely to ask: Who dat? Democrat Ryan put in for the seat left vacant by long-time Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell, who's … [Read more...]

Fall Out Boy, Hozier, Paramore, Boston, Sammy Hagar, Pixies, Lenny Kravitz to Highlight SunFest!

SunFest fans

WEST PALM BEACH -- SunFest announced its 2015 lineup this morning, and superband Fall Out Boy is going to be the main attraction of the waterfront festival that kicks off April 29. In addition to the singers of Centuries and Uma Thurman, the 33rd annual SunFest is also bringing to downtown new rock sensation Hozier (Take me to Church), The Pixies, Lenny Kravitz, Paramore, Wilco, Kaskade and AWOLNATION. And the older fans won't be unhappy … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Character Counts: So Why is WPB Mayor Jeri Muoio Calling Slow Learners “Dummies?”

Muoio dummies feature2

WEST PALM BEACH – We expect it on the schoolyard, but bullying from the mayor? Not cool! A new ad just released on local TV has West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio, a former educator, calling slow learners “dummies” at a press briefing in August. Really, Mayor? "Stupid" wasn't available? How about a good old "r" word? In a new ad from the Tallahassee-based Voters Response, which once supported Muoio, was caught in one of her weekly press … [Read more...]