BREAKING — Trial Set For Tennis Great Jennifer Capriati

A trial for tennis great Jennifer Capriati was set for Dec. 17 today in a West Palm Beach court during a hearing on charges filed against her after a St. Valentine's Day altercation with a boyfriend. She pleaded not guilty to battery and stalking in April. Gossip Extra broke the story back in March: Capriati, 37, had a rather animated conversation with her on-again, off-again boyfriend in a gym Feb. 14 in North Palm Beach, and she ended up … [Read more...]

National Enquirer Heir Paul Pope Arrested on Stalking Warrant!

Paul Pope booking photo

National Enquirer heir Paul Pope is being arraigned this morning in a West Palm Beach courtroom after his arrest in Cocoa Beach on a stalking warrant. Pope is accused of harassing multi-millionaire Palm Beach socialite Lois Pope, his elderly mother. It was yet another Gossip Extra society exclusive: Authorities obtained the arrest warrant against Paul, 45, on May 6 and gave him 24 hours to surrender and avoid an embarrassing perp … [Read more...]

National Enquirer Heir Paul Pope Facing Arrest in Palm Beach!

Paul Pope

National Enquirer heir Paul Pope has been "strongly suggested" to surrender to Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputies today, or face arrest and a perp walk, after his mother complained that he has been stalking her, Gossip Extra has learned. When reached on his cell phone this evening, Pope said he didn't want to discuss the charge and couldn't talk because he was going into a meeting. He promised a statement (about his pending arrest) … [Read more...]

Jennifer Capriati Pleads Not Guilty of Stalking, Battery

Jennifer Capriati

Former tennis champ Jennifer Capriati pleaded not guilty of stalking and beating an on-again, off-again boyfriend, and demanded a jury trial. Capriati, 36, entered the plea Friday in West Palm Beach. Her next date with county court judge Marni Bryson is May 6. It was another Gossip Extra exclusive: Capriati, the oft-troubled ex-world's No. 1 tennis woman, was accused of stalking and hitting former Florida State University golfer Ivan … [Read more...]

Jennifer Capriati Charged With Stalking, Battery

Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati, the oft-troubled former No. 1 women's tennis player in the world, has been charged with battery and stalking by Palm Beach County authorities. Capriati, 36, faces up to one year in prison on each of the two misdemeanors! -- Click here to view the charging documents Former Singer Island resident Capriati, however, will likely be spared a perp walk and an embarrassing booking photo: She is being notified of the … [Read more...]

Jennifer Capriati: MasterChef Star to The Rescue!

Master Chef's Christine Corley

A former star of the Fox hit show MasterChef is coming to the rescue of tennis legend Jennifer Capriati, who is accused of hitting her ex-boyfriend on Valentine's Day in North Palm Beach. Capriati, the top Season 2 candidate Christine Corley said, is likely to be the ex's victim instead of attacker! How could the 2011 candidate on Gordon Ramsey's reality show be so sure? Corley and Capriati have something in common: They both dated … [Read more...]

Jennifer Capriati: I’ll be Vindicated!

Jennifer Capriati

After ignoring Gossip Extra's calls for comment about a North Palm Beach Police's request for a warrant to arrest her in connection with a domestic violence incident, former tennis champ Jennifer Capriati finally put out a statement late Friday. In a nutshell: None of it is her fault, and her ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannan is just telling cops exaggerated stories about her! Here is most of the 36-year-old Capriati's statement, courtesy of … [Read more...]

Arrest Warrant Sought For ex-Tennis Champ Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati

An arrest warrant is being sought today by the North Palm Beach Police Department for former women's tennis champ Jennifer Capriati, Gossip Extra has learned. Tennis Hall of Famer Capriati, 36, could be charged with battery and stalking in connection with a Valentine's Day incident at one of the village's gym. According to the police report exclusively obtained by Gossip Extra, the former winner of two Australian Opens and one French … [Read more...]

Jennifer Capriati: I’m no Stalker!

Jennifer Capriati

Former tennis prodigy Jennifer Capriati says she doesn't deserve to be called a stalker. As a matter of fact, none of the 10 police complaints filed against her by an ex-boyfriend in 2012 should've been filed! And, the 2001 No. 1 player in the world says she, not the ex, was abused in a relationship that she thought could have led to marriage. "He's a real bad person, very dishonest," the 36-year-old told Gossip Extra in an exclusive … [Read more...]

Jennifer Capriati Accused of Stalking Ex; Leaves Town

Jennifer Capriati at the US Open in 2012

It's love, set and no match for ex-tennis star Jennifer Capriati! The perennially troubled Capriati sold her fancy Singer Island condo at a steep loss and returned to her native Tampa area -- after a former Florida State University golf star accused her of stalking him, Gossip Extra has learned. The 36-year-old long-ago World No. 1 tennis player lost a whopping $600,000 on the sale of the 19th floor apartment with sweeping views of the … [Read more...]

Digital Domain Boss, Family “in Fear” of Cyberstalkers!

John Textor and wife Debbie

John Textor, who brought Hollywood dreams to West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie with his movie special effects company Digital Domain, claims he is being harrassed by well-informed cyberstalkers! Textor and his wife Debbie are asking a Martin County court to force Yahoo to take down nasty posts about Textor's financial dealings, according to court papers obtained exclusively by Gossip Extra. Ironically, the posts that Textor claims are … [Read more...]

Here, Kitty Kitty: Watch Florida Alligator Stalk a Bobcat

Alligator stalks a bobcat in a residential neighborhood of Tampa

Tampa resident Bryan Peabody  spotted a bobcat at the edge of a pond in the backyard of his Lettuce Lake Park area home this week. Then Peabody noticed an alligator hell-bent on having feline steak and inching closer to the cat, whose back was turned. That's when Peabody started taking photos. What happened next? Click here for Peabody's shots … [Read more...]