EXCLUSIVE — University of Miami Sex Scandal: Nurses Complained to Administration About Doctor’s Trysts Behind “Paper-Thin” Wall!


CORAL GABLES -- University of Miami neurologist Dr. Bruno Gallo's nursing and office staffers officially complained to the university's administration in July about the doctor's alleged sex romps at work, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively. In an anonymous complaint filed through a university website on July 28, according to a document obtained by Gossip Extra, a Gallo staffer wrote: "Dr. Gallo's multiple sexual affairs that take place at … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Sex Scandal at University of Miami: Married Doc Tells Mistress She’s One of Many, Get Tested!

Dr. Bruno Gallo

CORAL GABLES -- University of Miami neurologist Dr. Bruno Gallo is entangled in a mushrooming sex scandal that stems from a court battle against a former mistress and patient who, he claims, has been stalking him! Assistant professor Gallo, 54, who's been married to a much younger nurse since 2008, has been so worried about ex-paramour Lisa Morse, according to records, that he's been seeking a restraining order against her. Gallo and Morse … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Boytoy: Palm Beach Heiress Jennie Scaife Bit me During Sex!

PALM BEACH -- The socialite daughter of conservative billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife paid off her much younger lover after he told Palm Beach Police he suffered injuries from her biting him in the groin area during sex, Gossip Extra has learned. Philanthropist Jennie Scaife reportedly signed a private settlement with Brazilian immigrant Joao Gerundo in which he was promised $5,000 in exchange for his never discussing "details, incidents or … [Read more...]

Football Icons Score Off the Field Too!

Marino rotate

If you think the Dan Marino affair is the only NFL sex scandal involving a South Florida NFL personality, think again! Gossip Extra reported yesterday, the former Dolphins quarterback fathered a child with Donna Savattere. The pair agreed to keep it quiet to protect both parties, but Marino takes full personal and financial responsibility for the kid. Even though news of the superstar quarterback's 7-year-old love child just recently … [Read more...]

CIA Sex Scandal: Petraeus Florida Rat Owes Millions!

Jill Kelley

There could be a good financial reason why Tampa socialite Jill Kelley blew the whistle on ex-CIA boss David Petraeus' affair with his biographer. The story of the sexy tattletale's takedown of master spy Petraeus is now worth millions! And it so happens that social climber Jill and her oncologist hubby Scott Kelley owe millions to banks after the collapse of their real estate holdings in 2010, Gossip Extra has learned. The Kelleys … [Read more...]

Tiger Woods’ ex-Mistress Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods' ex-mistress, gave birth to a baby girl

The pillow-lipped woman who delivered one of sports' greatest sex scandals and, according to some critics, ultimately killed Tiger Woods' golf, has just delivered a baby girl! Part-time Palm Beacher Rachel Uchitel gave birth last night in Los Angeles. At 37, Uchitel is a first-time mom. Wyatt Lilly's the newbie's name. Seven lbs 1 oz was her weight. -- Keep up: Click here to register for the Gossip Extra dirt alerts And don't blame the … [Read more...]

Ex-Pol Mark Foley: Anthony Weiner’s Creepy!

Foley (Courtesy AP)

Now, says former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, it all makes sense! In late 2005, Republican Mark Foley found his Democrat ex-colleague Anthony Weiner's enthusiasm for a bill he was trying to introduce downright creepy. "He came up to me over and over again for me to cosponsor his bill," Foley said. "The way in which he was excited about it was pretty weird. He'd corner me in a hallway and say: 'Mark, how 'bout it? You've got to get on this with me.' … [Read more...]