EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Buck Ass Naked Man Snarls Rush Hour Traffic in Riviera Beach!

RIVIERA BEACH -- A yet-to-be-identified man in his 40s shuffled down Blue Heron Boulevard for more than an hour this afternoon in Riviera Beach, snarling home-bound traffic near the Singer Island bridge -- and, as usual, we're the first media organization with the video! It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive. Get the news first: Click here to subscribe to our daily news alerts! The man, who's believed to have been on the new synthetic … [Read more...]

SERIOUSLY: $29,000 For Three-Night Vacation in Riviera Beach!

(via OTA Photos)

RIVIERA BEACH -- The Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa has just rolled out a pricey package for those who don’t realize that the ACTUAL Palm Beach is one island south. With a $28,909 price tag, the Life of Luxury Package in Palm Beach gives up to four people a fancy three-night stay complete with a butler who will shine their shoes! For those willing to shell out the cash, which works out to be $2400 per person … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Barack Obama Highway? Riviera Beach Mayor to Rename Old Dixie!


RIVIERA BEACH -- Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters wants to change the name of one of his city's main arteries to Barack Obama Highway. And he ain't just whistling Dixie! It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: If officials approve the move, this poor and mostly black city just north of Palm Beach would become the first in the county to rename a street name after the president. The street losing its name? Old Dixie Highway, … [Read more...]

Aaron Hernandez Loses Another Court Battle: Palm Beach Shooting Case to go on!

Aaron Hernandez

MIAMI -- Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, who's suspected of murdering a friend in Massachusetts in June, just lost out in a federal court in Miami. Hernandez, 24, is accused in a lawsuit filed here of shooting his errand boy in the face during a night of partying in February in Miami and Riviera Beach. In October, Hernandez's attorneys asked U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Williams to hold off on the civil action … [Read more...]

Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder!

Aaron Hernandez

New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been charged with last week's murder of Odin Lloyd, 27, a semi-professional football player! Lloyd was found dead June 17 in an industrial park near former University of Florida star Hernandez’ North Attleborough, Mass., home. Hernandez pleaded not guilty to that charge and to five other gun-related charges. Hernandez was arraigned while dressed in the red gym shorts and a white tee he … [Read more...]

Aaron Hernandez Arrested in Murder Probe, Canned by Pats!

Former University of Florida football star Aaron Hernandez, who allegedly shot a man in February in Riviera Beach, was arrested about 9 a.m. today in connection with a murder investigation in Massachusetts. Hernandez, 23, a tight-end on a $40 million-contract with the New England Patriots, is to be arraigned later today after he was led from his house near Boston in handcuffs. The charge is expected to be obstruction of justice. Police … [Read more...]

Report: Arrest Warrant Issued For Aaron Hernandez

An arrest warrant has been issued in Massachusetts for former University of Florida football star Aaron Hernandez, according to several Boston news outlets. Hernandez, 23, a tight end for the New England Patriots, is expected to be charged with obstruction of justice in connection with the investigation into the murder of an acquaintance. The body of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd was found Monday in a field near Boston, about half-a-mile from … [Read more...]

Aaron Hernandez Saga: PBSO Missed Riviera Shooter by Minutes!

Aaron Hernandez

Deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office missed the mysterious shooter of a man in a Riviera Beach industrial complex Feb. 13 by seven minutes, according to the incident report obtained by Gossip Extra. The gunman, it turns out, could have been New England Patriots tight end and former University of Florida star Aaron Hernandez, whose property near Boston was searched yesterday in connection with a homicide there. At least, … [Read more...]

NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Eyed in Riviera Beach Shooting!

Aaron Hernandez

New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, who's involved in a police investigation about a murder near Boston, may have been involved in a shooting Feb. 13 in Riviera Beach. Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies found a man bleeding from the head early that morning on Fiscal Court, in an industrial part of Riviera Beach. When they arrived, according to PBSO's 17-page report, they found 30-year-old Bradley Sherrod of Hartford, Conn., … [Read more...]

Jennifer Capriati: MasterChef Star to The Rescue!

Master Chef's Christine Corley

A former star of the Fox hit show MasterChef is coming to the rescue of tennis legend Jennifer Capriati, who is accused of hitting her ex-boyfriend on Valentine's Day in North Palm Beach. Capriati, the top Season 2 candidate Christine Corley said, is likely to be the ex's victim instead of attacker! How could the 2011 candidate on Gordon Ramsey's reality show be so sure? Corley and Capriati have something in common: They both dated … [Read more...]

Jennifer Capriati: I’ll be Vindicated!

Jennifer Capriati

After ignoring Gossip Extra's calls for comment about a North Palm Beach Police's request for a warrant to arrest her in connection with a domestic violence incident, former tennis champ Jennifer Capriati finally put out a statement late Friday. In a nutshell: None of it is her fault, and her ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannan is just telling cops exaggerated stories about her! Here is most of the 36-year-old Capriati's statement, courtesy of … [Read more...]

Arrest Warrant Sought For ex-Tennis Champ Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati

An arrest warrant is being sought today by the North Palm Beach Police Department for former women's tennis champ Jennifer Capriati, Gossip Extra has learned. Tennis Hall of Famer Capriati, 36, could be charged with battery and stalking in connection with a Valentine's Day incident at one of the village's gym. According to the police report exclusively obtained by Gossip Extra, the former winner of two Australian Opens and one French … [Read more...]

Official: “Niggers Like You is Why We Have Nothing!”


Things got heated up last night after the meeting of the Riviera Beach city council -- and reportedly led to a councilman flinging the N word at a taxpayer! A debate about spending $15 million on a new police and fire building in the cash-strapped Palm Beach County city spilled into the parking lot -- with budget watchdog (and retired fire chief) Richard Wester and Councilman Shelby Lowe allegedly going at it in front of city … [Read more...]