Ex-Florida Legislator: “Dan Marino Not Tainted by Scandal!”

Dan Marino

A former Florida legislator stepped right in the Dan Marino affair Friday, telling Gossip Extra: “We all make mistakes!” Susan Goldstein, a Republican who represented Weston, said she doesn’t think Marino’s work on behalf of autistic children will suffer as a result of last week’s revelations that he fathered a love child. “He will not be tainted in the least bit,” said Goldstein, who's involved with several non-profits that focus on … [Read more...]

UPDATE: DMV Admits Mistake, Returns License to Motorist

Lazaro Dinh, with wife Hanh

Gossip Extra gets results! Just days after we exposed the plight of a man whose driver's license was suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles because he changed his last name to his wife's, red-faced agency officials reinstated his license! And he heard unusual words from a bureaucracy: We made a mistake! "I didn't think it was going to be this quick," said Cuban-Miamian Lazaro Dinh, now a West Palm Beach resident.  "But within … [Read more...]

Dan Marino Scandal: Wife Claire Knew About Child!

Dan and Claire Marino

Claire Marino, the wife of Miami Dolphins great Dan Marino, has known about the baller's love child since the little girl's birth in 2005, according to a confidante of Claire's. It's another Gossip Extra exclusive: The record-breaking quarterback fessed up to his wife about his indiscretion and the birth of Chloe, and the couple worked through the difficulties after agreeing to keep it quiet! "It was sorta something that was known in … [Read more...]

Dan Marino Scandal Polls: Who’s Hotter? Who’s better?

Claire Marino and Donna Savattere

The love child scandal involving former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino has placed the spotlight on two women: The wife of 28 years (right), and Marino's lover of a few weeks and baby mama (left). The wife is Claire Marino, 50, the mother of four natural children and two adopted kids. Originally from Pennsylvania, the homemaker has been involved with Marino's childrens charities when she's not raising the teenage ninos in Fort … [Read more...]

SoFla Man Fights For The Right to Bear Wife’s Name

Lazaro Dinh and his wife

A South Florida man is being accused of fraud by the Department of Motor Vehicles over changing his last name to his wife’s for no other reason than love! Cuba-born real estate investor Lazaro Sopena obtained a driver’s license that reflects he officially took new wife Hanh Dinh’s name more than a year ago. The DMV, however, took away the license last month and refuses to recognize him as Lazaro Dinh – despite the fact that the federal … [Read more...]

POLL: Does the son of RHOM star deserve jail — or worse?

Peter Rosello

You've seen the video of the so-called nut-check of a sleeping hobo. You've seen Alexia Echevarria interact with her sons on The Real Housewives of Miami. And now you know Peter Rosello is in pre-trial diversion and will not see the inside of a prison cell. Fair, or not? You make the call: [poll id="21"] … [Read more...]

Widow: PBSO Sgt. Stole Dying Husband’s Trust!

Dan Burrows

The return to full duty of disgraced former SWAT commander Dan Burrows is a huge risk for Palm Beach County residents and a liability for Palm Beach CSheriff Ric Bradshaw, the widow of a dead deputy ripped off by Burrows in his dying moments told Gossip Extra. Bettee Collister, a lawyer and the widow of former deputy Mike Collister, addressed her feelings about the news that Burrows is back on the streets with his gun and badge, in … [Read more...]

Miami Dolphins Part-Owner Fergie: Drink More Vodka!

fergie black eyed peas voli vodka

I've got a feeling that Miami Dolphins minority owner Fergie's new billboard in the Los Angeles area will give NFL purist pause. While retired players have hawked beer since leather helmets, a National Football League owner selling hard liquor could be a new low -- even if Voli vodka is low cal hootch. Even if the Black Eyed Peas singer looks ultra sexy. And let's not forget that Fergie Ferg did admit to a drug problem in 2001, a meth addiction … [Read more...]