VIDEO — NFL Running Back Chris Johnson Shot in Orlando Drive-By!

Chris Johnson nfl photo feature

ORLANDO -- Former New York Jets running back Chris Johnson was shot in the shoulder in a drive-by shooting in Orlando that left one man dead. A third man was injured. A spokesman with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the shooting took place 4 a.m. Sunday on Orange Blossom Trail and Southland Boulevard. When police arrived on scene they found Dreekius Oricko Johnson, 28, shot to death inside a Jeep, and Orlando native Chris … [Read more...]

PHOTOS – Naked Woman Masturbates in Traffic, Climbs on Passing Car!

Amie Carter hair benders feature

ORLANDO – A 31-year-old woman was arrested after masturbating -- naked -- in the middle of Orlando traffic then climbing and stomping on a passing car! It was a rough day for Amie Carter of Casselberry. When the dust settled, she was charged with exposure of sexual organs and criminal mischief and transported to Florida Hospital South for observation. According to the arrest report, Orlando Police officers who arrived first at the … [Read more...]

WE’RE NOT YANKING YOUR WAND: Harry Potter Star Hospitalized in Orlando!

Rubeus Hagrid

ORLANDO -- Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane got sick on his flight to the Sunshine State and had to be immediately hospitalized once his British Airways flight from London reached Orlando International Airport yesterday. Coltrane, 64, who plays gentle giant Rubeus Hagrid, was met at the gate by paramedics and was taken straight to the hospital. The large Scottish star, who, let’s be honest, isn’t the picture of health, was on his way to meet … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Ariana Grande Princesslike in Orlando Taping of Disney Special!

Ariana Grande, taping the Disney Christmas special at Magic Kingdom Orlando (Splash News photo)

ORLANDO -- Boca Raton kid Ariana Grande looked stunning in the baby blue colors of the set at Magic Kingdom this week in Orlando as she taped a brief concert set to air on Christmas Day on ABC. Among the show's guest stars: University of Florida legend Tim Tebow! The Frozen-themed holiday special is being recorded through today and, according to spywitnesses, the 21-year-old singer of Problem will be singing at least one song from the … [Read more...]

FLORIDUH — Gainesville PD: F . . . ! We Screwed up Phuc Kieu’s Arrest!


GAINESVILLE -- It’s easy to believe someone named Phuc Kieu could catch police's attention by watching gay porn in his car then attempting to rape another man. This Phuc Kieu, however, was innocent all along. And his accuser is the one who's now in jail, accused of filing a false police report and under investigation for prostitution! Jeremy Mitchell Foster, 21, told Gainesville police earlier this week he was returning from a trip to an … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Congressman Alan Grayson’s Wife, Four Kids on FOOD STAMPS!

Alan and Lolita Grayson

ORLANDO -- Orlando's election season just got hotter with the revelations that the estranged wife of populist U.S. Congressman Alan Grayson, a Democrat who's the 17th richest member of the House of Representatives, and their four kids are being fed thanks to tax-funded food stamps! The four minor children, by the way, are also enrolled in the Orange County Schools free lunch program. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer! Grayson, who's in a … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Orlando Teacher Jessica Vanessa: Why Teach When I Make a Fortune Twerking?


ORLANDO -- Kindergarten teacher Jessica Vanessa recently quit her day job to become what could be Florida's first professional twerker. And Orlando babe Vanessa, 22, has become an Internet sensation over the past few months, with her Vine GIFs garnering more than 680 million views. Don't adjust your screen: That's 680 MILLION! Most of the 5-second loops show her twerking at home, and cost virtually nothing to make. But sponsors, … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Orlando Uber Driver Nabbed For Fondling Passenger’s Breasts: That’s How we do it in Egypt!


ORLANDO --In Egypt, if a girl's wearing a revealing shirt with no bra, dudes can grab her breasts! At least, that's what Egyptian immigrant Ramy Botros told cops in Orlando after a woman who used his services as Uber driver complained she was groped during her ride to her boyfriend's place. Well, Ramy, you ain't in Egypt no' mo'! So, you've been charged with battery for allegedly plunging your hands into the woman's shirt. The strange … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS — NBA Star Dwight Howard Collects Florida Traffic Tickets Like he Collects Cars!

ORLANDO -- Former Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard's Florida driver license was suspended, according to Orlando area court records, after he allegedly garnered one ticket too many. His 26th since 2005 in Orlando and Orange County! It's not that luxury car collector Howard, now with the Houston Rockets, is a speed demon. He received only four tickets for speeding. But the devil, for the NBA's muscle man, is in the details. For … [Read more...]

YUCK — Dirty Drunk’s Mug Shot is Instant Classic!

ORLANDO -- Here's a dirty drunk if we've ever seen one! Orlando resident Jamie Henson's mug shot has gone viral after he was booked. His face was caked in mud while he allegedly vandalized a Burger King on Orlando's International Drive. The incident report didn't explain how the mud got there. What is explained on the document is that Henson was on a drinking binge when he decided to grab burgers at 3:20 a.m. While he waited for his … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Giant Aquarium at Disney’s T-Rex Cafe Bursts as Employees Rush to Save Rare Fish!

ORLANDO -- A giant fish tank inside the popular T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney cracked at dinner time last night, sending guests to the exit doors as employees to rescue of rare fish. A patron captured some of the drama on cellphone video. The always-crowded T-Rex Cafe is a favorite with children. Giant mechanical dinosaurs and complex fish tanks are spread throughout the restaurant, which also features a gift store. Witnesses described … [Read more...]

PHOTOS: Caylee Anthony’s Memorial Site Abandoned — But Still Visited by Mourners!

ORLANDO -- As Casey Anthony returns to the forefront of the news with more legal woes, the memorial marking the spot where the body of her daughter Caylee was discovered a little more than five years ago is now overgrown and unkempt -- but it still lures anonymous mourners! According to new photos from the wooded area at the corner of Chichasaw Trail and Suburban Drive near the Anthony family's suburban Orlando home, the tiny cross where … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Sex Scandal Siren Kristyn Caddell Returns to Florida TV!

ORLANDO -- Sex-scandal scarred former WPTV-Channel 5 personality Kristyn Caddell returned to the state's television biz last month when she landed a reporting gig at Orlando's WFTV-Channel 9. Caddell, 32, made national gossip news twice since 2011 -- and not for her sterling reporting. The first time, in 2011, she worked for the West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast NBC affiliate when she was outed by the Boca Raton-based National Enquirer as … [Read more...]