BREAKING NEWS — Report: Bill Clinton Connected to Orgy-Loving Palm Beach Perv Jeffrey Epstein!

PALM BEACH --Former President Bill Clinton's relationship with convicted Palm Beach sex offender Jeffrey Epstein may have been closer than previously believed, according to a story in the upcoming National Enquirer. The tabloid quotes court documents in a pending lawsuit brought in Palm Beach County court by Epstein against Ponzi-scheming Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein and an associate. Tucked in the case are several allegations … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney’s Sugar Daddy Now a Baby Daddy

Marc Leder

From sugar daddy to baby daddy! That's the move Boca Raton private equity firm owner and big Mitt Romney fundraiser Marc Leder completed in the wake of the election. He admitted this week to fathering a love child! Remember Leder? Republicans do, and they'll remember him for a long time. Leder, 50, worked tirelessly -- and spent hundreds of thousands in South Florida -- to ensure that his good friend Romney got elected. Thing … [Read more...]

Romney Thrusts Boca Mogul in Limelight!

Marc Leder

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney unwittingly thrust the orgy-loving Boca Raton hedge funder Marc Leder into the national limelight. A video (see below) of Romney talking with disdain about President Barack Obama voters during a fundraiser at the $4.4 million, 15,000-square-foot digs of Sun Capital Partner's founder Leder has popped up on the Mother Jones website. And it ain't pretty: When folks are done making fun of Romney's … [Read more...]