VIDEO — Man With Wife’s Name Tattooed on His Throat Killed Her . . . by Slitting Her Throat!

Jacob Lee Music feature

FORT PIERCE – A St. Lucie County man with his estranged wife’s name tattooed on his throat was sentenced to life without parole for killing her by -- Yup! -- slitting her throat. Jacob Lee Music, 39, pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of Bridget Marie Feacher Music, 30, in a Fort Pierce court Friday. The judge accepted his plea and Music will, well , face the music by spending the rest of his life in prison without parole. Bridget … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Woman Dies After Son Fires Arrow, Bullets Into Her Head!


FORT WALTON BEACH --A woman was found dead, an arrow protruding from her head, in her home Sunday near the Panhandle resort town of Fort Walton Beach. Gloria Watkins, 65, was slumped over a chair when Okaloosa County Sheriff's deputies discovered her before dawn. Her son, 42-year-old Michael Watkins, admitted shooting his mother with a gun and a bow-and-arrow then stabbing her. The motive? Michael Watkins claims she stole his diamonds and … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach Manhunt: Cop Who Nabbed Murder Suspect Says He’s no Hero!


SAINT AUGUSTINE BEACH -- St. Augustine Beach Police Officer Todd Smith says he doesn’t feel he did anything special in arresting Raul Reinoso Martinez July 4 -- the man who shut down Palm Beach 10 days earlier. At first, 26-year veteran Smith thought Martinez was a homeless jockester. But the 51-year-old Martinez turned out to be the suspect in the June 23 murder of Miami punk-band guitarist Louis Salgar, and the fugitive who sparked … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Ex-Palm Beach Socialite to be Sentenced in Las Vegas Shooting of Her Son Tomorrow!


LAS VEGAS -- Linda Cooney, the former Palm Beach County social climber who was found not guilty of killing her ex-husband in 1992 in Juno Beach, is set to be sentenced for shooting her son last year in Las Vegas. Cooney, 66, was convicted of the 2011 attempted murder of her son Kevin -- despite his attempt at trial and during the investigation to have her exonerated! Twenty-one years after she was found not guilty in the shooting death of … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach Manhunt: Properties of Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern Searched!

PALM BEACH -- Yesterday's hunt for two murderers led authorities to the properties of radio titans Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, Gossip Extra has learned. Palm Beach Police and Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies searched every property from Wells Road to the Inlet to locate to men believed to be involved in the murder of Miami punk rock band member Louis Salgar. So happens they were on some of the richest streets in America! And … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS — Palm Beach on Edge: Manhunt For Alleged Murderers Called Off!


PALM BEACH -- Palm Beach Police and the officer of the Palm Beach County Sheriff have called off the manhunt for two alleged murderers who crashed a car on the island Tuesday morning and fled. Authorities now believe the two men, including one who may have gotten hurt in the crash, left the island quickly after the crash. Cops have now broken down their check points and ended their yard-to-yard search on the multi-million dollar beachfront … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS — Palm Beach Manhunt: Murder Victim Was Punk Guitarist, 27

Louis Salgar

PALM BEACH -- The victim of the men who are the targets of a manhunt in fancy Palm Beach this morning was identified by Miami Police, who also confirmed the victim was indeed murdered. Police said Louis Salgar, 27, a punk musician and popular bartender in the Wynwood section of Miami, was identified as the man found dead about 3 p.m. inside his home at 3551 NE 8th Court in Miami. Miami PD arrived at the house within minutes, but two … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Private Chef Whipped up Last Meal For Miami Heat’s Norris Cole Hours Before Murder!

Norris Cole with personal chef who was gunned down, Antaun Teasley

MIAMI BEACH -- Norris Cole's personal chef was hard at work just hours before he was gunned down and whipped him up a meal of salad, sweet potato frittata, and turkey sausage with a beet-carrot-celery-apple juice, Gossip Extra has learned. Antaun Teasley, 42, the man who kept Cole fueled up for Miami Heat's games, was murdered this morning at Mansion nightclub in South Beach. Teasley was found unresponsive in the VIP section of the popular … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Facebook Killer Charged With Death Penalty Murder!

Derek Medina Facebook murder

MIAMI -- The South Miami man who allegedly killed his wife at home in August then posted a photo of her body on his Facebook account could face the death penalty. Derek Medina, 31, has been formally charged with first degree murder, an "upgrade" from the second degree murder with a firearm rap filed after he surrendered to police. He originally pleaded not guilty. His plea hearing on the new charge is set for tomorrow. The legal move comes … [Read more...]

BREAKING — The Miami Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey to be Grilled About Aaron Hernandez Connection!

BOSTON -- An hour after the Miami Dolphins were pounded by the New England Patriots near Boston, Fins center Mike Pouncey was served a subpoena ordering him to make himself available to authorities to discuss his relationship with ex-Pats star and accused murderer Aaron Hernandez. Cops served Pouncey as he left the Dolphins' locker room after the loss. The content of the subpoena wasn't immediately revealed, but several news reports … [Read more...]

HORROR! Autopsy: West Palm Beach Girl, 10, Stabbed 23 Times; Mom Stabbed Herself 94 Times!

WEST PALM BEACH -- Two autopsy reports released today by the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner's office show that little Alexandra Brooks fought her mother as the knife-wielding woman stabbed her 23 times. At one point during the struggle that couldn't possibly find a match in a horror movie, Alexandra's right middle finger was cut so deeply that is was nearly severed. And the blade used by her mother completely went through her left … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — It Was Murder Suicide: Pamela Brooks Killed Daughter, Self!

WEST PALM BEACH -- It was murder! The shocking death last month of 10-year-old cutie Alexandra Brooks in her home on the south side of West Palm Beach was murder, police announced today at a press conference. And the murderer was her troubled mom, Pamela Brooks, who then killed herself in the same manner as she killed Alexandra: with a kitchen knife! "The daughter was stabbed numerous times," said West Palm Beach Police Capt. David … [Read more...]

BREAKING — Obama Hater Arrested in Murder-For-Hire Plot; Arsenal Seized!

A Broward man who professed that President Barack Obama should be murdered, and had the means to do it, was arrested at home in Dania Beach after he allegedly tried to hire someone to kill his family! Jason Simione, 39, was charged with three counts of solicitation to commit murder, possession of a destructive device and child abuse. Broward Sheriff's Office SWAT deputies who searched Simione's home found 68 rifles, shotguns and … [Read more...]