Scott Prouty Escapes Charges in Mitt Romney 47% Video

Scott Prouty

The fear of getting arrested for breaking wiretapping laws was one reason why Hollywood, Fla. bartender Scott Prouty remained anonymous when he leaked his footage of Mitt Romney’s dissing 47 percent of voters last fall. But then Prouty outed himself on MSNBC this week, telling host Ed Schultz: “I was behind this whole thing!” Self-incrimination, anyone? Can he get arrested? Nope -- Prouty is safe! -- Click here to read about Prouty's … [Read more...]

IRS to Scott Prouty: Now Pay Your Taxes!

47 percent video

Scott Prouty, the Hollywood, Fla., bartender who outed himself as the man who secretly filmed then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney dissing 47 percent of voters, changed history -- but he can't change tax laws! Gossip Extra has discovered that Prouty, who came out on MSNBC's The Ed Show last night, owes the Internal Revenue Service a sizable tax bill -- sizable for a catering company barkeep. UPDATE: Authorities will not prosecute … [Read more...]

Scott Prouty, The Bartender Who Hijacked Mitt Romney’s Campaign

Scott Prouty

The man whose actions may have cost Mitt Romney the presidential election came forward last night in an interview on MSNBC's The Ed Show. Broward catering company bartender Scott Prouty identified himself as the one who secretly taped Romney's speech at a fundraiser at the Boca Raton mansion of hedge fund investor Marc Leder. The video showed Romney speak to well-heeled guests about how 47 percent of Americans would never vote for him … [Read more...]

First Romney, Now Vergara: The Curse of Marc Leder

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb

Is  Boca Raton millionaire hedge funder Marc Leder the grim reaper of public relations? Sure looks that way after the latest incident! At first Leder, who also co-owns the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers, was credited -- or blamed -- for Republican Mitt Romney losing the White House to incumbent Barack Obama in November. You might remember Leder as the owner of the home in which Romney was secretly taped speaking to well-heeled supporters … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney’s Sugar Daddy Now a Baby Daddy

Marc Leder

From sugar daddy to baby daddy! That's the move Boca Raton private equity firm owner and big Mitt Romney fundraiser Marc Leder completed in the wake of the election. He admitted this week to fathering a love child! Remember Leder? Republicans do, and they'll remember him for a long time. Leder, 50, worked tirelessly -- and spent hundreds of thousands in South Florida -- to ensure that his good friend Romney got elected. Thing … [Read more...]

Durex: Obama’s Just The Bigger Man!

Michelle Obama

Only size matters! Durex took to China's social media yesterday to expose the Chinese its theory on why President Barack Obama won a second term. Was it the economy? Health care? Detroit bailout? None of the above. As First Lady Michelle Obama and Republican Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, appear to explain on the above shots used in an ad for the condom maker, Obama's simply a bigger man! -- Election 2012: The good, the bad, the ugly and … [Read more...]

Election 2012: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Horny . . .


A quick look at how some of the characters who, for better or worse, caught Gossip Extra's attention fared in yesterday's election. MITT ROMNEY: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a favorite among Palm Beach's beachfront elite, started campaigning here more than three years ago. His campaign came full circle when three NFL owners with Palm Beach ties -- the Miami Dolphins' Stephen Ross, the New York Jets' Woody Johnson and the … [Read more...]

Boca Moron: Voter in Trouble Over MIT Tee!

MIT t-shirt

Only in Florida, kids! A woman who a wore t-shirt that read MIT -- That's Massachusetts Institute of Technology! -- was barred from voting by a poll worker in Boca Raton. The poll worker apparently thought the woman was too obvious in her support of Republican presidential candidate MITT Romney! The incident was first reported by today. -- For South Florida's best political gossip in your inbox, click to register for the … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Votes — With His Hair

Donald Trump votes in 2012

Who could that possibly be voting today in the 212? Got to give it to Palm Beach billionaire Donald Trump: Of all the celebs who paid lip service on Twitter to today's vote, he is the only one who posted a picture of his ne'hair-do-well self casting a ballot! The lord of Mar-a-Lago materialized at a precinct in storm-torn Manhattan this morning to make his voice heard, for once!. And Gossip Extra is calling this one early: Trump, … [Read more...]

Lynn Debate’s Bird-Flipping Journo Identified

Flipping the bird on Fox

The media member caught flipping the bird to Fox News viewers before the presidential debate at Lynn University this week has been unmasked! It's Miami New Times photographer Jacob Katel, who was proudly outed by the alternative weekly today! "I wanted to use their airwaves against them," said Katel, obviously not a fan of the conservative network. "I don't think it was the best idea," said Katel's boss, Editor-in-Chief Chuck Strouse. … [Read more...]

Ex-Palm Beacher: Mitt Romney Lied Under Oath!

Maureen Sulllivan Stemberg and Gloria Allred

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, the 61-year-old, former Palm Beach interior designer thrown in the middle of a late-campaign Mitt Romney controversy, believes Romney lied when he was deposed in her divorce case. Romney's alleged twisting of facts -- under oath! -- was to protect Staples founder Tom Stemberg, Sullivan Stemberg's ex and Romney's big bud. The Boston Globe requested that a judge near Beantown unseal the Stembergs' divorce documents … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney Sleaze in Ex-Palm Beacher’s Divorce Papers?

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg

A former Palm Beacher has been thrown smack dab in the middle of what has been billed as a blockbuster October surprise bound to embarrass presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The Boston Globe today has its lawyers arguing a motion to unseal a divorce case in Beantown in which Republican Romney was a witness. The divorce, which became one of Boston's most bitter, was that of Staples founder Tom Stemberg and interior designer Maureen … [Read more...]

Shelley Vana: Commish Has Presidential Meltdown at Lynn!

Palm Beach County Commission Chair Shelley Vana with Pres. Barack Obama

Palm Beach County Chairwoman Shelley Vana, who's running for another term, threw what was described as a "world-class" temper tantrum yesterday in Boca Raton when she came thisclose to missing the mother of all public appearances! Two witnesses described how Vana was flailing her arms and pacing back and forth after being stuck in security checkpoint hell at Lynn University, the scene of yesterday's final presidential debate. What … [Read more...]