BREAKING NEWS — PBSO Deputy Shoots Yet Another Civilian, And Sheriff Ric Bradshaw is Silent . . . For Now!

LAKE WORTH -- A Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy shot a civilian about 5 a.m. today in Lake Worth. And for the first time in memory, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has failed to call the shooting "justified" moments later. It's been five hours, and counting -- and Bradshaw's silent. -- UPDATE: Bradshaw just commented on the incident, but refrained from qualifying it as "justified." Click here for the video And while he rarely stays on such … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS — Lake Worth Bloodbath: Killer Thought His Mother Was The Devil!


LAKE WORTH -- Former Assistant State Attorney Thomas H. Schnieders, who's charged with the beating death of mom Delena Schnieders, 84, believed she was the devil and needed to be killed! Records show the suspect's parents managed to have him Baker Acted last year after telling the judge Thomas Schnieders assaulted his mother in August 2014 because he thought she was a demon. "(Thomas Schnieders) thinks he is the creator of the universe," … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Giant Man Bites Tiny Dog, Rips Dog’s Eye Out!

David Etzel is being held on animal cruelty charges after biting a little dog! (PBSO photo)

LAKE WORTH -- It's a David and Goliath story of interspecies rivalry, and it didn't end well for either! A 6-foot-8-inch, 385-pound Lake Worth man was bitten by his mother's 10-pound Shih Tzu, Cujo, after the pair had been play-fighting on Friday night. So the man, David Etzel, 36, showed that little dog who's boss: He bit him so hard that the dog's eye came out! According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office report, Cujo's … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Stealthy Kenneth Cole Sneaks Into Lake Worth Art Gallery, Buys Local

Kenneth Cole in LW with Rolando Chang Barrero feature

LAKE WORTH -- Kenneth Cole is a household name, but not quite a household face. So when he walked into Rolando Chang Barrero's art gallery in Lake Worth Sunday, Barrero didn’t recognize him immediately. Barrero went up to Cole to comment on the eclectic mix of items that the celebrated American designer Cole was fingering, and asked if his visitor was a designer. “Yeah, I’m a designer," the visitor said. "I’m Kenneth Cole, by the … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Teen Hooker Andrea Alvira Charged With Killing Her John in Lake Worth!

WEST PALM BEACH -- A teenage hooker who's been living on the streets of Lake Worth was charged with murder last night after the autopsy report of a young client showed he suffocated to death. It a crime story that's breaking: Andrea Alvira, 19, was ordered held without bond in the Palm Beach County slammer after being arrested on a US 1 sidewalk where she plied her trade. Alvira was charged with second-degree murder, without … [Read more...]

PHOTO — Trace Adkins’ Musical Rehab in Palm Beach!

LAKE WORTH -- Troubled country music superstar Trace Adkins got out of his Palm Beach area in-patient rehab center Saturday for just long enough to buy a guitar! He materialized at the city's famous Chafin Musicenter with a couple beefy counselors from rehab and browsed the used section before picking a used Martin six-string. Price tag: $1,000! "Trace was very professional, very focused," said sales clerk Ben Skinner, a former Jupiter … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Anthrax Guitarist Dan Spitz: Domestic Abuse Charge Dropped!

WEST PALM BEACH -- Dan Spitz, lead guitarist of the heavy metal band Anthrax, will not be prosecuted for his Christmas morning arrest on a domestic violence charge at home in Lake Worth, Gossip Extra has learned. The victim, his wife Candi, 38, asked the Palm Beach County State Attorney's office not to go after her husband and told them there were minor discrepancies on the incident report. Prosecutors agreed they couldn't take the … [Read more...]

No One Wants to Sleep in Vanilla Ice’s Bed!

Vanilla Ice bed

No one seems to want to sleep in Wellington rapper Vanilla Ice's bed these days. It's up for sale on eBay for a measly 50 bucks, including the mattress -- but there's been no bid so far. And bidding stops at 11 p.m.! The item -- a Tahitian-style queen-size bed said to be worth $250 -- was featured in this year's third season of The Vanilla Ice Project on cable's DIY Network. At least, that's what the seller says. Ice Ice Baby's … [Read more...]

Casey Anthony Flushed Out of Hiding!

Casey Anthony rotate

Casey Anthony's epic game of hide-and-seek has come to a close. The infamous alleged baby killer came out of nearly two years in hiding by walking into a Tampa courtroom an hour ago. Anthony was mandated to show up for a meeting with her creditors as part of her bankruptcy case. She says her trial for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee in 2011 has left her flat broke! This was Anthony's first public appearance since she … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Burglars’ Every Move Caught on Camera!

Burglary Rotate

Morons caught on tape! Two armed men broke into a home on the 2200 block of Park Street yesterday in Lake Worth as a woman served as lookout outside, and stole a bunch of electronics! They realized there were video cameras outside of the home, so they spray-painted over those. But here's where dumb and dumber messed up: Once inside, one of the men took off his mask -- and was caught on in-house surveillance! -- Why wait for TV news? … [Read more...]

The Grammys, With a Florida-Orange Twist!

Grammy rotate

Florida's taking over the Grammys! As the back-slapping music industry shindig looms, Gossip Extra did a little digging to find out which nominated acts can be traced back to Florida. We counted at least eight. Not too shabby! There are some obvious ones, like hip-hop/pop star Flo Rida. Duh! But then there are those that the masses have likely not heard of, like the Daytona Beach Christian rockers of Casting Crowns. Here's the … [Read more...]

Was That Casey Anthony at Flanigan’s?

Casey Anthony at Flanigan's

If it looks like Casey Anthony, and dines with Casey Anthony acquaintances, then this woman in a booth at Flanigan's Friday in Lake Worth probably was Casey Anthony! The cellphone photo obtained exclusively by Gossip Extra is blurry -- but there is circumstantial evidence. The man across the table (who's not in the picture) was identified by employees at the 10th Avenue seafood bar as Pat McKenna -- a West Palm Beach private eye who worked … [Read more...]

Murdered Stripper Found in Bag in Lake Worth

Homicide victim Tiffany Nelson

The body of a murdered woman found stuffed in a garbage bag Monday in Lake Worth was that of a pretty, and very young, T's Lounge stripper with a drug habit, Gossip Extra has learned. Tiffany Nelson, 20, was dancing at the West Palm Beach club made famous by Octomom's botched appearance for more than a year. Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies have deemed her death a homicide but won't say how she was killed until they find a … [Read more...]