FLORI-DUH! Pizza Attack Lands Probationer Back in the Slammer!


TREASURE ISLAND -- Florida has no shortage of stupid criminals committing bizarre and petty crimes, but this one REALLY stands out. Daniel Allen Plunkett, who was on felony probation for a 30 or so bad traffic decisions, was picked up and put back in jail after he allegedly threw a piece of hot pizza at his roommate in a St. Petersburg suburb. Your tax dollars hard at work, people! This is how the slice attack unfolded, according to … [Read more...]

MUGSHOT — Naked Man Arrested While Seeking Enlightenment!

Carl Wright (Pinellas County Jail photo)

ST. PETERSBURG -- They say a prophet is never welcome in his hometown. That could be the case for Carl Wright, 46, who with the wild hair of stereotypical guru, was arrested Wednesday morning for meditating NAKED at a St. Petersburg bus stop. The officer wrote Wright was seen behind in "plain, public sight" near a bus stop "sitting naked in a meditation like pose while completely nude." Wright was charged with disorderly conduct and is … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Paulina Porizkova is 50, in Florida . . . and Smoking Hot

(via Twitter)

MIAMI -- Fifty is the new 40, which was the new 30. So, when former supermodel Paulina Porizkova, 50, stripped down to a bikini and posted a picture of herself photographed with no make up, we shouldn't have oohed and and aahed and pored over the pictures. But we couldn't help ourselves. She looks good! Right side up and upside down! The picture, which came out a few hours ago, was posted with the caption: "Florida, time off" and … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Bikini-Wearing Grandma Hauled Off to Jail For DUI!

Patricia Ebel

NAPLES -- A bikini-clad grandmother was arrested in Naples over the weekend after she slammed her black BMW into another car stopped at a traffic light. The woman, 49-year-old Patricia Ebel, was charged with DUI after she allegedly failed field sobriety exercises by the side of her totaled Beamer. Ebel refused to take a breathalyzer test and she was hauled off to the slammer wearing nothing but her skimpy, striped bikini. Neither she nor … [Read more...]

OPINION — Welcome to Fort Pierce, Mr. President: Take a Good Look at Your Legacy!

For sale downtown Fort Pierce for $42,344 (MLS photo0

FORT PIERCE -- While Republicans are belly-aching again about President Barack Obama coming to South Florida to play a few rounds of golf, they failed to pick up the irony of Obama flying to one of the area's poorest and blackest cities before heading to a club open only to 1 percent of the 1 percent. When Obama's Air Force One touches down at the St. Lucie County "International" Airport tomorrow morning for a weekend at The Floridian National … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Conched Out! Khloe Kardashian Let Out of Conch Republic!

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana were seen arriving together at LAX

MIAMI – Reality TV juggernaut Khloe Kardashian and her sometime boyfriend, Pop That rapper French Montana, are done with Key West after nearly a week on the tip of the continent. The pair was spotted in the Keys with a big entourage, including her pal Malika, and his buddy Chinx Drugz, last week, but now they’re all safely back on the California coast. It’s not so tough keeping up with the Kardashians! … [Read more...]

RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES – Flesh-Eating Man With HIV Bites PBSO Deputy!

Jeffrey Switzer

WELLINGTON – An HIV-infected man savagely attacked Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy and bit off a large bit of flesh from his forearm in a Wellington restaurant. Jeffrey Switzer, 25, is currently in the county slammer, being held in lieu of $26,000 bail. In the arrest report the deputy, whose identity is being withheld, wrote that Switzer bit him. The lawman then saw Switzer “spit out the large [chunk] of skin from his mouth!” The … [Read more...]

STOMPING DIVOTS in Wellington: Babes Make Polo Tradition Into Art Form!

WELLINGTON -- After fast and furious horse action on a polo field, nothing beats taking one's glass of champagne to the turf to stomp the divots! The tradition of having fans walk the playing area and make a party out of putting pieces of turf back into place is nearly as old as the sport itself. And the well-dressed folks at Wellington's International Polo Club Palm Beach don't escape it. Check it out in Mike Jachles' photo gallery: … [Read more...]

GROSS! Wellington Man Found Guilty of Sex With Family Chihuahua . . . Wife Divorcing Him!

WELLINGTON -- A Wellington man is serving a three-month sentence at the Palm Beach County jail after he was found guilty of having sex with the family chihuahua. Sicko Manuel Ramon Gonzalez, 61, was found guilty of unlawful sexual activity involving an animal. He was also sentenced to one year on probation. According to the arrest report, Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies nabbed the man after his wife, who's divorcing him, found out … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Sunday Polo in Wellington, With a Super Bowl Twist!


WELLINGTON -- Glendale, Arizona, wasn't the only tailgating capital of the world Sunday afternoon. So was Wellington, where even the VIPs tailgate during the pony-and-mallet action at International Polo Club Palm Beach. Even the brunch pavilion offered tail-gating types food with the Veuve Clicquot! Who was there? Check out Mike Jachles' photo gallery below: … [Read more...]

BOLO – Teen Bonnie and Clyde on Multi-State Crime Spree Spotted in Florida!

Dalton and Hayes

WEST PALM BEACH -- A mismatched pair of lovebirds from Kentucky on a multi-state crime spree have been spotted begging on the street somewhere in the Sunshine State. Dalton Hayes, 18, and his ridiculously-young-though-even-his-family-swears-she-looks-older girlfriend Cheyenne Phillips, 13, started their criminal escapade Jan. 3 in Grayson County, Ky. The reason they vanished from home is not entirely clear. But this much is sure: They've … [Read more...]