Obama TP in Firehouse: It Was Just a Gag!

Pompano Beach Fire Rescue

Slipping TP with President Barack Obama's face in the bathroom of a public building was "just a gag!" But in the end, it cost veteran Pompano Beach firefighter Clint Pierce his job -- and months of trouble for earlier incidents, Gossip Extra has learned. What's more, according to Fire Rescue Chief Harry Small, Pierce's actions divided the department and the blue-collar city! "You are clearly guilty of conduct unbecoming an employee," … [Read more...]

Broward Firefighter Canned Over Obama TP

Obama TP

A Pompano Beach firefighter was canned hours ago for bringing toilet paper with President Barack Obama's face on it to his fire house a week before the election! It's another Gossip Extra exclusive: A source at Pompano Beach Fire Rescue who asked to remain anonymous because the disciplinary action hasn't been made public identified the Mitt Romney-supporting smoke eater as Clint Pierce. He was a 20-year veteran assigned to Station … [Read more...]

Allen West Waves White Flag of Surrender

Allen West

U. S. Rep. Allen West 's goose is cooked! The controversial GOPer conceded the election to Democrat Patrick Murphy overnight, two weeks after voters along the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County's north side gave Murphy a razor-thin margin. Tea Party fave West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, filed several court actions for a recount. He now believes the 1,904-vote difference could not be overcome, even if a full hand recount … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney’s Sugar Daddy Now a Baby Daddy

Marc Leder

From sugar daddy to baby daddy! That's the move Boca Raton private equity firm owner and big Mitt Romney fundraiser Marc Leder completed in the wake of the election. He admitted this week to fathering a love child! Remember Leder? Republicans do, and they'll remember him for a long time. Leder, 50, worked tirelessly -- and spent hundreds of thousands in South Florida -- to ensure that his good friend Romney got elected. Thing … [Read more...]

Florida Gun Maker Cashes in on Obama Re-Election

Knight's Armament's SR15E3

The re-election of President Barack Obama made some Florida business owners happy. Take Knight's Armament, a Titusville manufacturer of high-power rifles for the military. The company, which builds sniper rifles for Delta Force and Navy SEALS, saw its online civilian business jump Tuesday night as election returns made it increasingly clear Obama would remain in the White House. Kinght's M-4 and M-110-style assault rifles were going like … [Read more...]

Courthouse Drama in Wake of Vote

Dave Aronberg

Awkward moments in store for Palm Beach County State Attorney Elect Dave Aronberg! When the former state senator takes over the county's highest law enforcement office in January, his prosecutors will have to try cases in front of his arch-rival's wife! Gossip Extra hears Circuit Court Judge Robin Rosenberg, the missus of ex-State Attorney Michael McAuliffe, is being switched to the criminal division, from her current job in the civil … [Read more...]

Durex: Obama’s Just The Bigger Man!

Michelle Obama

Only size matters! Durex took to China's social media yesterday to expose the Chinese its theory on why President Barack Obama won a second term. Was it the economy? Health care? Detroit bailout? None of the above. As First Lady Michelle Obama and Republican Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, appear to explain on the above shots used in an ad for the condom maker, Obama's simply a bigger man! -- Election 2012: The good, the bad, the ugly and … [Read more...]

Election 2012: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Horny . . .


A quick look at how some of the characters who, for better or worse, caught Gossip Extra's attention fared in yesterday's election. MITT ROMNEY: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a favorite among Palm Beach's beachfront elite, started campaigning here more than three years ago. His campaign came full circle when three NFL owners with Palm Beach ties -- the Miami Dolphins' Stephen Ross, the New York Jets' Woody Johnson and the … [Read more...]

Boca Moron: Voter in Trouble Over MIT Tee!

MIT t-shirt

Only in Florida, kids! A woman who a wore t-shirt that read MIT -- That's Massachusetts Institute of Technology! -- was barred from voting by a poll worker in Boca Raton. The poll worker apparently thought the woman was too obvious in her support of Republican presidential candidate MITT Romney! The incident was first reported by BocaNewsNow.com today. -- For South Florida's best political gossip in your inbox, click to register for the … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Votes — With His Hair

Donald Trump votes in 2012

Who could that possibly be voting today in the 212? Got to give it to Palm Beach billionaire Donald Trump: Of all the celebs who paid lip service on Twitter to today's vote, he is the only one who posted a picture of his ne'hair-do-well self casting a ballot! The lord of Mar-a-Lago materialized at a precinct in storm-torn Manhattan this morning to make his voice heard, for once!. And Gossip Extra is calling this one early: Trump, … [Read more...]

State Attorney Wannabe Dina Keever Sued — Again!

Dina Keever

Deabeat Dina? Dina Keever, the Republican candidate for Palm Beach County State Attorney has been sued for not paying helpers -- for the second time during the campaign! Ken Menard, the Charlotte, N.C., dude who built the lady's campaign website in May, sued her Friday because she yet has to pay for some of his services. Total amount, according to the lawsuit: $260, and 90 whole cents! -- For exclusive news in your inbox, click to … [Read more...]

Firehouse Grilled Over Obama TP

Obama toilet paper

Tissue issue? A South Florida firehouse is, well, under fire today after officials discovered rolls of toilet paper bearing the picture of President Barack Obama in use there. Sensitive administrators in Pompano Beach are investigating how the offending TP -- which sells for 5 bucks per roll on various websites -- ended up in a building ultimately owned by taxpayers. And it's not the first political incident at the firehouse, located on … [Read more...]

Wannabe Judge: You Like Being Kissed in Hot Places?

Candidate for Judge Bob Nichols

Blue text messages between a married candidate for judge and a woman who approached him for legal help have been obtained by Gossip Extra, hinting at an extra-marital relationship weeks before the election! High-profile Broward attorney Bob Nichols, a well-funded candidate, allegedly text-messaged Susanna Bott that he wanted to "suck on her hard nipples." Bott and the man she believes to be Nichols also engaged in a digital discussion … [Read more...]