EXCLUSIVE — Dan Marino Firing: Blame it on Thursday!

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino's firing from The NFL Today this week wasn't as sudden as it seemed. A source close to the office of NFL boss Roger Goodell tells me CBS Sports notified the league of the change weeks ago after it agreed to pay $275 million for next season's Thursday Night Football showcase games. The network will broadcast eight of the games, and roll out its new pre-game lineup sans Marino and Shannon … [Read more...]

Dan Marino Scandal: Wife Claire Knew About Child!

Dan and Claire Marino

Claire Marino, the wife of Miami Dolphins great Dan Marino, has known about the baller's love child since the little girl's birth in 2005, according to a confidante of Claire's. It's another Gossip Extra exclusive: The record-breaking quarterback fessed up to his wife about his indiscretion and the birth of Chloe, and the couple worked through the difficulties after agreeing to keep it quiet! "It was sorta something that was known in … [Read more...]

Dan Marino Scandal Polls: Who’s Hotter? Who’s better?

Claire Marino and Donna Savattere

The love child scandal involving former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino┬áhas placed the spotlight on two women: The wife of 28 years (right), and Marino's lover of a few weeks and baby mama (left). The wife is Claire Marino, 50, the mother of four natural children and two adopted kids. Originally from Pennsylvania, the homemaker has been involved with Marino's childrens charities when she's not raising the teenage ninos in Fort … [Read more...]