VIDEO — Florida Daredevil Nik Wallenda Walks Across Moving Orlando Eye Ferris Wheel 400 Feet Up!

Nik Wallenda at Orlando Eye

ORLANDO -- Walking across a moving Ferris Wheel 400 feet in the air? Check it off the list for Sarasota daredevil Nik Wallenda! While it didn't have the appeal of a rope-dancing across Niagara Falls or the Chicago skyline, the 36-year-old Wallenda walked on top of the Orlando Eye this morning. Wallenda made his walk on 6-inch-wide beams while the Ferris wheel moved at its cruising speed -- 400 feet above the city that Walt Disney … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Cast of THE WIRE Urges Calm As Riots Rock Baltimore!

Baltimore-native amateur photographer Devin Allen has been capturing amazing pictures of the riots (via Twitter)

BALTIMORE -- Most of America got to know the streets of Baltimore through the critically acclaimed HBO drama The Wire. Now, the stars of the show are sharing their reactions to the violent riots that have gripped their adoptive city since Friday's funeral of Freddie Gray, a black man who died in police custody. The Wire told the story of Baltimore and the city featured prominently, almost as one of the drama's characters. One of … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Sheriff Ric Bradshaw: Idea There’s a “Pattern of Unnecessary Force at PBSO is COMPLETELY FALSE!”

WEST PALM BEACH -- Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw took to the airwaves Sunday morning to defend his and his office's record when it comes to shooting unarmed civilians. Bradshaw, who's running for a fourth term, decided to comment after local media finally noticed last week what Gossip Extra has been reporting for months: That PBSO's record when it comes to shooting civilians is among the worst in the country! While voters were in … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Ex-Top Chef Star Lindsay Autry, Buccan Chef Clay Conley Get Taste of Handcuffs at Palm Beach Taste of Nation

WEST PALM BEACH -- No one can argue that we need to end childhood hunger, and last night's Taste of the Nation for No Kid Hungry lured more than 1,000 supporters to the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach to do just that. World-class local chefs were on hand to prepare amazing dishes, and raised mounts of cash in the process. Two of the event chairs, Top Chef finalist Lindsay Autry, who cut her teeth at the Mandarin Oriental Miami and the … [Read more...]

VIDEO — PBSO Deputy’s Dashcam Tape Shows Him Shooting Unarmed Civilian!

(via Palm Beach Sheriff's Office dashcam video)

WEST PALM BEACH -- A newly-released dashcam video shows a Palm Beach Sheriff's Office deputy shooting an unarmed man four times in the back in 2013! Deputy Adam Lin is shown in the shocking footage shooting Dontrell Stephens, 20, just before 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 13, 2013, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. The video released Thursday as part of a federal lawsuit against PBSO shows Stephens riding his bike, and Lin pursuing him in … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Bikini-Wearing Grandma Hauled Off to Jail For DUI!

Patricia Ebel

NAPLES -- A bikini-clad grandmother was arrested in Naples over the weekend after she slammed her black BMW into another car stopped at a traffic light. The woman, 49-year-old Patricia Ebel, was charged with DUI after she allegedly failed field sobriety exercises by the side of her totaled Beamer. Ebel refused to take a breathalyzer test and she was hauled off to the slammer wearing nothing but her skimpy, striped bikini. Neither she nor … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Jeb Bush: Not Only Does He Think Like a Caveman, Now He Eats Like One!

Jeb Bush Caveman

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is getting even more primitive! The presidential maybe says he has adopted the "caveman" Paleo diet! In case you've been living in a cave for the past few years, the Paleo diet is one of the latest nutrition crazes where adherents eat more like our mammoth-hunting primitive ancestors: Lots of meat, veggies and fruit, and no grains or processed foods. And the global warming-denying, … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Hot Pursuit Leads Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara to Miami!

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara feature

MIAMI -- Reese Witherspoon and Miami-girl Sofia Vergara are mugging it up in Miami to promote their new movie Hot Pursuit. The film is set to be released May 8 and tells the story of an inept cop, Witherspoon, who is charged with protecting a difficult witness, Vergara, the wife of a drug dealer. The trailer makes it look like a flashback 70s buddy cop film, but one that features a lot of Vergara's hotness. Check out the trailer … [Read more...]

VIDEO — ESPN Hottie Britt McHenry Suspended For Unsportsmanlike Conduct!

Britt McHenry 1 feature

ARLINGTON, Va. -- ESPN suspended sideline reporter Britt McHenry for a week because, for a girl who was hired because she looks good on TV, she looked really bad on surveillance video! McHenry, 28, was caught saying all kinds of ugly things to a tow truck worker -- A TOW TRUCK DRIVER! She insulted the woman's education, weight, teeth and job choice. McHenry quite simply said she is better than the tow truck lady because she was on … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Scientology Civil War: Tom Cruise Goes After John Travolta!

(Gossip Extra collage)

CLEARWATER -- The Church of Scientology likes to keep it's stars close, but if this video is any indicator -- there's a galactic rift between Tom Cruise and John Travolta. A video released by Mark "Marty" Rathbun, Tom Cruise's personal auditor and a former high executive in the controversial Florida-based church, catalogs details of a 15-year-old feud between Cruise and fellow Scientology big John Travolta. And, it appears the bad blood … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Sheriff’s Deputies in Tank Pull Over Motorist For Improper Hand Signals!

GAINESVILLE -- What does the Alachua County Sheriff's Office use to pull over a motorist in an aging car who's making improper hand signals? A.) A squad car B.) An armored personnel carrier (APC) usually used for combat zone transport? C.) Nothing, because, come on, hand signals? Bizarrely, B is the correct answer. And we've got the video. Of course, this being Gainesville, chances are the motorist is a University of Florida … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Age Inappropriate: Madonna Grosses Out Drake With Kiss at Coachella


INDIO, Calif. -- It's official! Madonna has lost her touch, and now she's just creeping out the kids! The former-sexpot, who's now more than old enough to be a grandma, shocked a crowd and made Miami Beach star Drake wipe his mouth in disgust after she laid an old lady kiss on him. Drake, 28, was a headlining performer at the Coachella Music festival over the weekend. And Madonna, 56, crashed his set as a special performer. While belting … [Read more...]