VIDEO – Justin Bieber Goes Marky Mark in Calvin Ad


NEW YORK -- Already super-exposed pop star Justin Bieber has landed himself a new gig: He’s taking off his shirt and unveiling an arm full of new tats to hawk underpants for Calvin Klein’s Spring 2015 ad campaign. On his Instagram page he posted pics from the shoot and said, “Officially a part of the legacy.” Legacy indeed. Bieber, and his wrinkled brow, are filling some pretty big underpants. Former Calvin Klein male models include … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Dad Confronts Son’s Killer in Miami Court

Donald Byrd confronts his son's killer in a Miami courtroom (YouTube photo)

MIAMI -- Donald Byrd, the father of a man fatally shot by a security guard outside a Miami nightclub, let loose on his son’s killer in a courtroom. “You murdered my son, man, for nothing,” Byrd screamed at alleged killer Lukace Kendle’s murder trial. “You kept shooting him in his back, and his back was turned to you!” Kendle was working as a security guard at Club Lexx in northwest Miami-Dade in 2012, when he was arrested for shooting and … [Read more...]

AUDIO — Ex-Tequesta Police Chief in 911 Call After Shooting His Wife: Are You Still Breathing?

Margaret McCollom (right) with William McCollom (left) and the groom at a wedding in Delray Beach in February (via Facebook)

ATLANTA -- Authorities in the Atlanta suburb of Peachtree City just released the 911 call that ex-Tequesta Police Chief and longtime Delray Beach officer William McCollom made after shooting his wife Maggie McCollom in bed on New Year's Day. The four-minute call shows McCollom, now chief of the Peachtree City Police Department was all business when he spoke with the 911 operator as his wife, a former nurse at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, … [Read more...]

VIDEO — No Playoffs, no Problem For Johnny Manziel in South Beach!

Johnny Manziel

MIAMI BEACH -- Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel had the kind of losing rookie NFL season that would make a sane individual crawl into a hole and curl up in a fetal position. But not the alleged Johnny Football! No, siree Bob! Check out the Instagram video below of Manziel wishing his Cleveland friend LeBron James a happy 30th birthday from FDR nightclub last night in South Beach. Think Manziel had one too many? … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Did PBSO Deputy Lie About Horrific Crash? You Make The Call!

PBSO crash

PALM BEACH GARDENS -- The lawyer for the estate of a motorist killed in December 2012 on the turnpike in Palm Beach Gardens has asked Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw to investigate a deputy's alleged lying during a deposition in a lawsuit centering on the crash. As Gossip Extra reported exclusively yesterday, West Palm Beach attorney William Johnson says his grilling of Deputy Charles Booth showed Booth is fibbing about his actions at … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Justin Bieber Takes Yearly Skateboard Spill!

NEW YORK CITY -- There's something strangely satisfying in watching pop star Justin Bieber seek the attention of tourists on the steps of Madison Square Garden in Manhattan -- and take an epic spill! The fail came as Bieber, 20, who sports a new do and is still surrounded by the usual cast of unsavory bodyguards, decided to jump stairs on his board, illegally no doubt, for giggly passersby. It's not the first time The Biebs looks silly on a … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Ex-Heat Star Shaquille O’Neal Crashes Into TNT Christmas Tree!

ATLANTA -- Here is something you escaped on Christmas Day by not inviting former Miami Heat center Shaquille O'Neal to your house for dinner last night! The 7-foot-1, 300-pound retiree suffered a head-on collision with a 7-foot-5 tree on the set of the NBA on TNT's half-time show after being shoved by co-host and former Houston Rockets point guard Kenny Smith. Thankfully, no one was injured. Check out the action in slow motion below: … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Porn Stars Read How The Grinch Stole Christmas . . . And Keep it Clean!


HOLLYWOOD -- A bunch of porn stars in civilian clothes recently did a reading of the Dr. Zeus' The Grinch That Stole Christmas. And while it's not It's a Wonderful Life by any stretch of the imagination, there's something wholesome about a Christmas reading by ladies named Karla Kush and Scarlet Red, even if reading out loud is not their forte! Oh, go ahead, it can viewed at work: … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Vanilla Ice: Ice Baby Rocks Holiday Block Party in Palm Beach Gardens!


PALM BEACH GARDENS -- Ice Baby never gets old! Wellington rapper Vanilla Ice held his annual holiday block party and fundraiser last night in Palm Beach Gardens, emceed by the KVJ Show crew from WRMF-97.9 FM. And Ice who rocked the joint with his famous 1989 song! -- Click here for the photos of the party! Like we said, it'll never get old! Check out Mike Jachles' exclusive footage of Ice plucking hotties from the audience: … [Read more...]

VIDEO — The Nerve: Yoga Twins File For Bankruptcy But Video Shows Them in Lap of Palm Beach Luxury!

Alison and Ann Dadow

WEST PALM BEACH -- This is rich. Literally! Ann and Alison Dadow, the sexy blond twins who ran two successful yoga studios in the area before they suddenly shut their doors earlier this year, sure look like fitness socialites in a video they put up on YouTube just before they skipped town without paying staff and reimbursing memberships. The 36-year-old hotties, who've since moved to Utah, filed for bankruptcy over the past few … [Read more...]