PHOTOS — Mob Wives’ Big Ang Celebrates Early 4th at Crazy Horse Strip Club . . . Finds Out She’s Got Much More in The Blouse Than Most Strippers!

POMPANO BEACH -- Hey, Big Ang, you've just licked cancer for the second time, where do you go? Disney? Nope! Little Italy? No way! Where then? Pompano Beach's full nudity Crazy Horse strip club, of course! Former bar owner Angela Raiola, who turns 55 tomorrow, dropped in on the high-end watering hole over the weekend and seemed to enjoy the company of the dancers as well as featured act Rubber Doll. Raiola, the niece of dead … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO — CBS 12 Execs Plot Firings . . . Laugh Off Possibility 2014 Firings Were Illegal!


WEST PALM BEACH -- In a meeting for managers at CBS12 headquarters late last year, General Manager Mike Pumo, HR Boss Julie Dyer and News Director Mike McCormick purportedly discussed how to properly and legally fire station employees. They even got some good yucks when McCormick brought up his worries that firings in 2014 may have been illegal! The get-together was called when McCormick noticed that the station's policy on firings was too … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Raccoon Rides Alligator in Ocala National Forest!

This masked bandit is strangely brave atop this alligator in Ocala National Forest (Richard Jones via WFTV-9 Orlando)

SILVER SPRINGS --  There's nothing more Florida than a trash-eating bandit trying to take advantage of an old thick-skinned menace. That's probably why the photo snapped Sunday morning of a raccoon on the back of an alligator in Ocala National Forest has gone viral. Richard Jones, of Palatka, said he and his son were walking along the Oaklawaha River when a startled raccoon hopped on the back of a gator in the water. Jones managed to … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Bottoms Up at KVJ’s Baby Shower For Virginia!

Virginia Sinicki baby shower

PALM BEACH GARDENS -- Hundreds of pregnant women and their dutiful men descended on Downtown at the Gardens for the baby shower that WRMF-97.9 FM's KVJ Show threw for co-host Virginia Sinicki in Palm Beach Gardens. As usual, the ready-to-burst Sinicki, Jason Pennington and Kevin Rolston kicked it up a notch when it came to the games. The baby food-eating contest churned everybody's stomach, including the participants. But with a fancy … [Read more...]

VIDEO — NBA Finals Fan Calls LeBron James a “P…. Ass Bitch!”

SAN FRANCISCO -- Former Miami Heat superstar LeBron James is on a historic scoring pace as a Cleveland Cavalier during these NBA Finals, and still a Golden State fan called him a "p . . . . ass bitch" as he walked back to his locker room after Game 2 Sunday. And James actually shot her a killer look. Like he's never heard an insult before. The Warriors fan? She obviously had the wrong guy. Was Chris Bosh sitting there, too? … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Jurassic World Star Chris Pratt Shows Palm Beacher Jimmy Buffett How to Sing Margaritaville!

(via Twitter)

LOS ANGELES -- Jurassic World star Chris Pratt joined Palm Beacher Jimmy Buffett on stage to help him look for his lost shaker of salt, and frankly, he made Buffett look like a bit of dinosaur! Pratt was at the premiere party for the latest Jurassic installment last night, and Buffett was the entertainment. When Buffett performed his iconic song Margaritaville, and invited Pratt up to the stage, Pratt couldn't resist! Watching it all go … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Total Failure: Barge Attempting to Install Easter Island-Style Statue Reef Flips!

Three of the 15 statutes that were destroyed this weekend as the attempt to create the Rapa Nui Reef off Deerfield Beach went horribly wrong (

DEERFIELD BEACH -- A barge filled with Easter Island-like statues flipped over yesterday off Deerfield Beach as a $500,000 plan to create an artificial reef with the 15 Rapa Nui figures went horribly awry. Perhaps the Gods were angered? The project was the vision and beneficiary of Margaret Blume, a Boca Raton philanthropist who used her family trust to fund the project. She wanted to create an artificial reef for divers. The … [Read more...]

HEARTBREAK — Queen of Versailles Daughter Found Dead in Sprawling Orlando Home!

David and Jackie Siegel and their eight children (Queen of Versailles documentary)

ORLANDO -- Money, it seems, just can't buy happiness for timeshare resort mogul David Siegel and his Queen of Versailles wife Jackie. The Siegels' 18-year-old daughter was found dead in the couple's sprawling mansion in Orlando's fancy suburb of Windermere over the weekend. Victoria Siegel was taken to Health Central Hospital in Ocoee but couldn't be revived, according to police. The medical examiner is still trying to determine the … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Gossip Extra Breaks Down Linda Cooney Shootings on CBS’ 48 Hours!


WEST PALM BEACH -- Gossip Extra is on the air this weekend helping CBS's 48 Hours analyze a murder in Juno Beach and attempted murder in Las Vegas pinned on former socialite Linda Cooney. Cooney, 66, shot and partially paralyzed her son Kevin three years ago in Vegas. But Cooney first became a household name in the Palm Beach area in 1993 when she was found not guilty of murder in the shooting death of her husband, high-profile lawyer Jim … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Plagiarizing Principal of Underachieving Boca School Misses Point of Pilfered Speech!

West Boca High School (via

WEST BOCA -- Mark Stenner, the principal of the troubled and underachieving West Boca High School, is accused of plagiarizing this year's -- and last year's -- commencement addresses. This year, Stenner lifted a widely acclaimed speech and gutsy speech given by Massachusetts English teacher David McCullough in 2012. Here's the irony: McCullough was speaking at the well-respected and nationally ranked Wellesley High School where over 95% … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Police Car Chase Ends With Twistee Treat Ice Cream Smash Up!

Gene Blick 2

TAVARES -- Luckily no one was seriously injured in the Mad Max-style car chase that ended when a Tavares Police officer intentionally rammed a DUI suspect's truck in the parking lot of a Twistee Treat. But lordy, this could be one of the best car chases in a long time! It started after Gene Blick, 54, of Tallahassee was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint Friday night and then took off. The car chase ended when a police officer rammed … [Read more...]

WRONG HOUSE DRUG RAID: Homeowner Gets Lawyered up, Says PBSO Lied!

WEST PALM BEACH -- Katherine Salinas, the Palm Springs resident whose house may have been wrongly targeted in a federal drug raid conducted Friday afternoon by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputies, has hired a lawyer to deal with the aftermath of the military-style show of force on her property. Salinas says PBSO officials are lying about the raid, which caused an estimated $10,000 in damages to her security equipment, fence, doors and … [Read more...]