VIDEO – Chilling Domestic Violence Ad to Run During Super Bowl XLIX!

The first ever domestic violence ad to run during the Super Bowl will leave you speechless ( photo)

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Wow! In a super-classy move, the NFL donated 60 seconds of valuable airtime to show the first commercial addressing domestic violence during Sunday's broadcast of Super Bowl XLIX. The league also paid the New York ad agency Grey to produce the NO MORE ad, which will air during the first quarter of the game. The amazing, yet understated ad is based on an actual 911 call and, pardon the turn of phrase, packs quite a … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Super Bowl XLIX: Mockingbird Marshawn Lynch’s a Jerk at Super Bowl Media Day

Marshawn feature

GLENDALE, Arizona -- Super Bowl XLIX's media day proved once again that Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is a real jerk. Lynch, who made $8 million this season, couldn't be bothered with the press that's covering the game at the Super Bowl week's traditional media day. Apparently, Lynch had nothing to say. Either that or, Gasp!, he has no respect for someone else's work. He answered the 28 questions he was asked by repeating … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Freak Show: Miami Heat Star Chris Andersen’s Most BIZARRE Interview!


MIAMI – Can’t take Birdman anywhere! The Miami Heat’s center forward Chris Andersen’s awwwwwkward interview with local Fox Sports host Jason Jackson makes for some so-bad-it’s-good-television. While Birdman’s doing well this season with a great shooting percentage, his public speaking skills could use some work! It wasn't the first time that Andersen had a train-wreck interview with Jackson. Click here for last year's. … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Hilarious Bad Lip Reading From NFL Bigs

Bad Lip Reading

MIAMI – Ever wonder what your favorite NFL-ers are saying during the game? The comedy team at Bad Lip Reading has your answer as Gossip Extra kicks off Super Bowl Week with a compilation of the best things that a bad lip reader thinks could have been said in the NFL. Are your favorite players really talking about pretty girls and Funyuns on the field? Sure looks like it! We’re disappointed not to see Miami in this year’s compilations, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Israel-Lebanon Miss Universe Catfight: Miss Lebanon MIA from Photo Op!

Miss Israel Instagram 2

MIAMI – The international political fires sparked by silly spat about a selfie (above) taken by a Miss Universe contestant in Miami continue to burn. The latest incident? Saly Greige, Miss Lebanon, didn’t show up to a pageant press event, but Doron Matalon, Miss Israel was there, front and center! The conflict between the ladies began in 1948, no, last week when Miss Lebanon claimed Miss Israel invaded a group photo, took a selfie and then … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Jupiter Golfer Robert Allenby Reunited With Woman Who Saved Him From “Kidnappers” . . . But She Says His Story Doesn’t Hold Water!

HONOLULU -- The saga of the alleged kidnapping of Jupiter-based PGA Tour golfer Robert Allenby is getting weirder by the day. A homeless woman who helped the happy-go-lucky golfer find his way to his hotel Friday night in Honolulu, Hawaii, says Allenby was arguing with men on a street near the bar where he says he was kidnapped, and he didn't seem to be under attack when she first saw him! And, she said the golfer was bloodied and sat on a … [Read more...]

PHOTOS/VIDEO — Clean, Sober David Cassidy: I Think I Love Boca Raton’s JAZZIZ


BOCA RATON -- Clean and sober, and deeming himself a "recovering alcoholic," aging teen idol David Cassidy put on a hell of a show at Jazziz the other night in Boca Raton. And Gossip Extra has Mike Jachles' exclusive vidoe and photos. For more than 90 minutes, the former Partridge Family star gave the well-heeled dinner-and-drinks crowd at the Mizner Park nightclub a Vegas-style concert rife with memories and anecdotes from Cassidy's … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Mall Shooting in Melbourne: 2 Dead, 1 Injured!

Two were killed and another injured at the mall this morning (Simon Malls photo)

MELBOURNE –- Two people are dead and another injured after shots were fired inside the Melbourne Square Mall this morning. The shooting started about 9:30 a.m. in the mall’s food court. According to Florida Today, Melbourne Mayor Kathy Meehan, who was briefed by police officials, said the shooting was the result of a domestic incident. The dispute was between a woman who worked at the mall, and her husband. The man shot his wife then the … [Read more...]

VIDEO – South Florida Police Use Black Mug Shots for Target Practice!

A 15-year-old mug shot of Woody Deant. North Miami Beach Police were using it for target practice (WTVJ/NBC 6)

NORTH MIAMI BEACH – North Miami Beach Police have been using mug shots of black suspects for targets in sniper training! And the white chief’s remedy to what's become a huge problem is as insensitive as the practice itself. He told his cops to make sure they take their targets with them when they leave the range. WTVJ-NBC 6 first reported this amazing story in the video segment below. Most police departments do not use photos of … [Read more...]

VIDEOS – Shooting During Chris Brown Party Injures Five as Brown Smiles!

Chris Brown at a concert late last year (Splash News)

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy – memba his beating up his girl Rihanna and calling Ebola a form of population control? His latest jackassery: Five people were shot and injured at a private birthday party he hosted -- yep, a birthday party -- and the whole thing, including his reaction, was caught on the video below! The shootings happened early Sunday morning at tiny Fiesta, a South San Jose bar. Brown … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Gone in 60 Seconds: The Golden Globes’ Golden Moments

BEVERLY HILLS -- In case you didn’t have time for the Golden Globes last night -- and frankly, who does? -- here is our great wrap-up of the highlights of a relatively boring two-hour special. Still, don't let our sarcasm deter you from watching the major winners, JLo’s cleavage, comic Margaret Cho as a Kim Jong-un character, and what Tina Fey said about Bill Cosby, all in 60 seconds: … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Fergie: How Come LA Gets The Love While Miami Gets None?

Fergie and Steve Ballmer

LOS ANGELES -- Miami Dolphins part-owner Fergie wowed fans with a surprise performance of L.A. Love at the Los Angeles Clippers game the other night,  sending the team’s billionaire owner into a hilarious fan frenzy! We’re just wondering why the Black Eyed Pea never showered fans of the Miami Dolphins with the same love? After all, she's a minority owner of the Fins. But something is telling us that Fins owner Stephen Ross wouldn't react … [Read more...]