VIDEO — Florida Firm Launches Christian AR-15 That Muslims Can’t Use!

Mookie thinks he's just doing the Lord's work (via YouTube)

APOPKA -- A Florida gun manufacturer is convinced that the inscription of a Bible verse on its new AR-15 will make it unusable by Muslims! Ben "Mookie" Thomas, a spokesman for Spike's Tactical, says he wanted a gun that "if a Muslim terrorist picked it up, a bolt of lightning would . . . knock him dead." The AR-15 Crusader retails for $1,395, boasts shield with a cross inscribed into it and a safety mechanism with three settings: "Peace," … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Boca Raton DUI Attorney Warren Redlich Arrested at DUI Checkpoint!

Warren Redlich

CORAL GABLES -- A Boca Raton lawyer known for his coaching on how to avoid DUI arrests once behind the wheel was himself arrested at a DUI checkpoint last week in Coral Gables while trying the technique he has advised millions to use in a book and countless TV shows. Warren Redlich, a civil rights lawyer and the publisher of, wrote in a story this morning he was un-arrested about three hours after he was cuffed and issued a … [Read more...]

VIDEO — BARE-ASSED VANDAL Caught Red-Handed as He Trashes Gas Station!

creamer creeps

WETUMPKA, Ala. -- A man who said he got thirsty on the way to a casino and stopped at a closed gas station got stark-naked then was caught on the store's surveillance camera trashing the place! Not surprising: Police say the suspect, Brian Creamer, 34, of Jemison, Ala., was high on ICE, a super-potent form of meth. According to police, Creamer did extensive damage to the convenience store, including: turning on the sinks and flooding … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Confederate Flag Thief Arrested After Posting Alleged Crime on Facebook!

No one told Dejerrian Dequan Murray that this is an especially sensitive time to allegedly steal a confederate flag (Manatee County Sheriff's Office photo)

BRADENTON -- A word to the wise: if you're going to commit a crime, like stealing a confederate flag, wear a mask. If you don't have a mask, don't have the getaway driver take a video of the crime. And if he does take a video, at least don't post it to Facebook. Alas, Flori-duh criminals aren't known for their wisdom. Dejerrian Dequan Murray, 24, was arrested for allegedly stealing the "Stars and Bars" from Robin Eaker's Bradenton … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Secret Recordings of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Detective Reveal Harassment, Computer Hacking, Investigations Into PBSO Critics And Their Families . . . MIAMI FBI LOOKING INTO IT!


WEST PALM BEACH -- Hours of telephone conversations between a Palm Beach County Sheriff's investigator and a woman with whom the detective was obviously smitten have revealed shocking and possibly illegal activity inside the agency led for a third term by Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. In the wireless pillow talk the investigator, whose identity we confirmed as 30-year Internal Affairs veteran Kenneth "Mark" Lewis, 56, allegedly broke elementary … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Business Owner Shows Would-Be Robbers Who’s BOSS!

Oakland Park

OAKLAND PARK -- An Oakland Park business owner turned the tables on two would-be robbers who attempted to hold up his auto parts shop, and the whole thing was caught on surveillance video! Lots of shots were fired, and both the business owner and one of the suspected were seriously hurt. According to police: Suspected robber Conrad Bloomfield, 36, and an accomplice, both carrying pistols, went into shop owner Andrew Hepburn's office … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Riviera Beach Police Chief to Disabled Vet: Go F*** Yourself, We’re Not Buying You a New Phone!

RIVIERA BEACH -- Riviera Beach Police Chief Clarence Williams is resisting calls for his agency to buy a new cellphone for disabled Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Isiah James after one of Williams' men knocked the phone out of James' hands and broke it during an argument. Gossip Extra first told you last week about the incident captured on James' cellphone video. James, whose leg was injured in an explosion during one of his tours of duty, … [Read more...]

VIDEO — George Zimmerman’s Selling Painting of Confederate Flag . . . Cash Going to Muslim-Free Gun Store!

flag feature

INVERNESS -- George Zimmerman has a new friend. They make for pretty strange bedfellows AND we've got the video to prove it (below)! Zimmerman is throwing his notoriety and amateur painting skills behind new buddy Andy Hallinan, the man who declared his boondocks Inverness shooting range a "Muslim-Free Zone" after the July shootings in Chattanooga, Tennessee that killed four Marines and a Navy soldier. Now Hallinan's being sued by the local … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Strip Bar Shut Down, Dad Arrested After Partying With Underage Daughter, Friend


DORAL -- It's not your typical father-daughter dance! Jose Manuel Arguelles was arrested and the Pink Pony strip club has been shut down because Arguelles allegedly took his 16-year-old daughter and her 17-year-old friend to the bar, let them snort cocaine, smoke marijuana and dance onstage. What? That's right folks! Arguelles, a Hialeah divorced dad with part-time custody is accused of taking his daughter and her friend to the … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Riviera Beach Police Sergeant Knocks Cellphone From Hand of Disabled Veteran in Confrontation!

RIVIERA BEACH -- Riviera Beach Police Sgt. Gary Wilson is under internal affairs investigation today after the video below was posted on YouTube. It shows a 15-minute argument between Wilson, who's been suspended with pay, and disabled Iraq and Afghanistan vet Isiah James Sunday morning at the Walgreen's on Blue Heron Boulevard in Riviera Beach-- and eventually, you can see Wilson knocking to the ground the cellphone that James is using to … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Cops: Missing Your GF is No Excuse for Masturbating on the Beach!

Byron Christianoudis (Sarasota County Jail photo)

SARASOTA -- When police arrested a man who was allegedly spanking the monkey on a Sarasota beach, the man offered this sad reason: "My girlfriend was out of town and I miss her." We hear you, Byron Christianoudis. Missing your girlfriend is the worst. But maybe you should take up your electric guitar again instead of shaking hands with the unemployed! Because, according to the Indian Shores Police Department report, an officer found … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Orlando Anchorman Walks Off Morning Show: I WON’T TALK ABOUT KARDASHIANS!

ORLANDO -- Good Day Orlando anchorman John Brown on Fox 35 stunned his on-air partners Friday morning: He walked off the set when the topic of discussion turned to the Kardashians! Saying he was having a good Friday so far, Brown just stood up and left at the start of a segment about underage tart Kylie Jenner naming her pet rabbit Bruce after her father/mother Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. “I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today,” Brown … [Read more...]