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  • Beefing up The Gossip Extra Hall of Shame

    By November 4, 2011

    Another Halloween straggler arrested for DUI in her sequined dress and Batman film makeup, and two Univerversity of Florida students nabbed for having sex on a picnick table near a federal courthouse make fine additions to the Gossip Extra Hall of Shame. — Click here for the full gallery

  • Gossip Extra publisher Jose Lambiet Gossip Extra publisher Jose Lambiet

    Pardon The Interruption, South Florida: You Crashed Gossip Extra!

    By November 4, 2011

     The daily traffic increase on Gossip Extra during its first month caused a chain reaction that threatened 300 other websites hosted by Bluehost in Utah about noon Thursday. So, Bluehost officials shut down Gossip Extra, without prior notice. For that, South Florida, thank you! Your frequent visits — about 5,700 in the 8 minutes before Bluehost staff freaked out — show that...

  • Veggie Tails, Lawsuit Served up at Morton’s in Boca Raton

    By November 3, 2011

    Kitchen staff at the upscale Morton’s of Chicago steakhouse in Boca Raton stuck raw vegetables in their underwear before serving them to unsuspecting diners, according to a lawsuit filed in a Palm Beach County court. In his harassment action against the Chicago-based restaurant chain, sous-chef Reggie Williams claims he witnessed a colleague...

  • Palm Beach Restaurateur Thierry Beaud Hurt in Vespa Crash

    By November 2, 2011

    It’s almost too stereotypical: The owner of a French restaurant riding his Vespa to work! The stereotype, however, almost turned deadly for Thierry Beaud, who runs the West Palm Beach bistro Pistache and is about to open a new fish place at the old 251 Sunrise in Palm Beach. The...

  • The Everglades’ Deer-Eating Python: The Necropsy

    By November 2, 2011

    Here are the pictures you haven’t seen anywhere else in South Florida of the necropsy of the python that was digesting an adult deer when it was killed by South Florida Water Management District personnel in the Everglades just west of Miami! — Click here for more photos The 16-foot Burmese python gobbled up the...

  • Protests vs State Attorney’s Paul Merhige Plea Planned

    By November 2, 2011

    Makayla Sitton‘s grieving parents aren’t going to go away quietly. Friends of WPTV-Channel 5 cameraman Jim Sitton and his pregnant wife Muriel are planning a rally in front of State Attorney Michael McAuliffe‘s office. The gathering is to protest McAuliffe’s decision to accept a plea deal that keeps the killer of their 6-year-old...

  • Palm Beach Billionaire David Koch’s Privacy Fence a No-No!

    By November 1, 2011

    New York billionaire David Koch was forced to pull down a privacy fence recently erected around his Palm Beach property. Koch’s staff put up the country-style camouflage net after camera crews from a liberal group filmed the 30,000-square-foot beachfront manse, which is estimated by property tax authorities to be worth...

  • FedEx $25 Giveaway: Facebook Overwhelmed — Then Cards go in an Instant

    By November 1, 2011

    Spurred on by prominent stories on The Palm Beach Post‘s and other websites, Internet users overwhelmed the FedEx Facebook site and crashed a giveaway system put in place to prop up struggling small businesses. A spokeswoman at the shipping company told me earlier that the $25-card giveaway was postponed despite extensive preparations. But an hour later, the...

  • Halloween Revelers in Costumes Arrested in Nudist Colony

    By November 1, 2011

    A zombie surgeon and his grim reaper brother-in-law were arrested in Land O’Lake, Fla., Sunday morning after allegedly attacking a security guard at a Halloween party. — Click here for the Gossip Extra Hall of Shame Still in costume and makeup, zombie Kevin Fearn, 47, and his brother-in-law, grim reaper Reynaldo...

  • Mobster Lewis Kasman’s Ex-Wife: My Divorce Lawyers Ripped me Off!

    By November 1, 2011

    The ex-wife of Lewis Kasman, ex-business manager of dead New York City gangland figure John Gotti and his Gambino crime family, is suing her divorce lawyers. In a malpractice and theft lawsuit filed today in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, Eileen Kasman claims the high-profile Boca Raton firm of Weiss, Handler, Angelos and Cornwell...

  • CONTEST: Email Your Best Halloween Photo

    By October 31, 2011

    Halloween kicks off tonight in these parts with the Devil’s Night party at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden in West Palm Beach (We’ll have exclusive video and photo coverage), so it’s time for Gossip Extra‘s first photo contest: You’re competing for two tickets to Think Pink Rocks, a $100 value. The event...

  • OPINION: Making Political Hay Out of Dangerous Criminals

    By October 31, 2011

    When incidents involving middle-of-the-night attacks on unsuspecting motorists started occurring with increasing frequency in May, authorities used the media to tell citizens to be on the look-out. And the media played the game. It always does. TV stations and the newspapers dutifully put out every details about the crime wave,...

  • VIDEO: The Gentlemen of The Garden’s Halloween, Devil’s Night 2011

    By October 29, 2011

    The Gentlemen of the Garden yearly Halloween bash, Devil’s Night 2011, kicked off at the outdoors Ann Norton Sculpture Garden Friday night at the same time as an epic, flood-causing rain storm. — Click here to sign up for the Gossip Extra dirt alerts No matter! Organizers Kevin Clark, Dack...

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