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  • Alexia Echevarria and son Frankie Alexia Echevarria and son Frankie

    RHOM Star Faces $2 Million in Medical Bills!

    By February 11, 2013

    The Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria says she is facing millions in medical bills to care for her younger son as a result of a mistake by her insurance agent, according to a new lawsuit filed in a Miami-Dade County court. Echevarria is suing the high-profile Coral Gables...

  • Boy Scouts jamboree Palm Beach Boy Scouts jamboree Palm Beach

    Campfire, Archery: Scouts Invade Downtown WPB

    By February 10, 2013

    Camp fire, archery and camouflage outfits sprung up downtown West Palm Beach this weekend for the annual Sportsman’s Grand Jamboree. The fundraiser for the Gulfstream Council of the Boys Scouts of America, which includes 13,000 scouts from Vero Beach to Boca Raton, lured more than 400 supporters at Palm Beach...

  • Bill Maher: Donald Trump Needs a Sense of Humor!

    By February 9, 2013

    HBO talk show host and comedian Bill Maher finally sounded off on the lawsuit that Palm Beacher Donald Trump filed against him this week. The lord of Mar-a-Lago is suing Maher for $5 million because, during an appearance with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show last year, Maher made fun...

  • NBC 6's Jennifer Reeves NBC 6's Jennifer Reeves

    Weather Babe Files For Divorce, Chad Johnson Calls Dibs!

    By February 9, 2013

    Back on the meat market: WTVJ-NBC 6 weather babe Jennifer Reeves. Waiting like a love vulture: NFL head case Chad Johnson! Reeves, 31, filed for divorce in a Broward County court Jan. 23, less than two years after she was married in her native Louisiana. And already, ex-Miami Dolphins receiver...

  • Jailed Bird-Flipping Teen Apologizes — Goes Home, Rehab!

    By February 8, 2013

    Miami teen Penelope Soto, who became a household name after she was ordered to serve a month in the slammer for flipping off a judge, was sent home and in rehab this afternoon by the judge she dissed. “Good luck to you, Ms. Soto,” Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat told the 18-year-old...

  • VIDEO: Burglars’ Every Move Caught on Camera!

    By February 8, 2013

    Morons caught on tape! Two armed men broke into a home on the 2200 block of Park Street yesterday in Lake Worth as a woman served as lookout outside, and stole a bunch of electronics! They realized there were video cameras outside of the home, so they spray-painted over those....

  • Dr. Phil Dr. Phil

    Dr. Phil to Palm Beach Socialite: Let’s Get Real!

    By February 8, 2013

    Famous television psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw is offering to help Palm Beach socialite Lori Stoll deal with the aftermaths of domestic violence on his popular Dr. Phil show. It was another Gossip Extra Palm Beach exclusive: Art dealer Mark Kaiser, the well-known socialite’s ex-boyfriend, was sentenced to a year on...

  • Leonardo DiCaprio in Miami Beach Leonardo DiCaprio in Miami Beach

    Leo DiCaprio’s Vacation: Girls, Clubs, Buds!

    By February 8, 2013

    Swimming in the ocean with topless women! Check. Appearing on the balcony with a European beauty queen! Check. Clubs! parties! Lounging by the pool with famous friends and an electronic cigarette! Yep, that too! Leonardo DiCaprio‘s been in South Florida, and he sure seems to be enjoying his break from...

  • Reggie Bush,The Lion-Hearted? Say it Ain’t so

    By February 7, 2013

    Could the Miami Dolphins’ cele-baller be headed for Detroit? Free agent running back Reggie Bush landed in the gossip websites more often than in the end zone this season, but now there’s talk he could land in Motown if he doesn’t get more dough from the Fins! Yuck! Bush accumulated...

  • Tim Tebow Tim Tebow

    Killer’s Message to Tim Tebow: “I Have Faith In You!”

    By February 7, 2013

    Strange goings-on in Los Angeles today — Surprise! Surprise! — and ex-University of Florida football star Tim Tebow is involved! A fired LAPD officer is the target of a giant manhunt in the city of angels after he killed three people. Obviously the guy, identified as Christopher Dorner, has a...

  • TV Big to Woman: There’s no Job — But Let’s Date!

    By February 7, 2013

    An email sent to nearly a dozen officials at WPBF-Channel 25 has the busy newsroom of the ABC affiliate buzzing. The note is supposed to be have been written by the unhappy husband of a party-loving job candidate! The writer accuses WPBF Assistant News Director Steve Boyer of rejecting his...

  • Stuttering Floridian Lazaro Moves on to Next AI Round!

    By February 7, 2013

    America’s favorite new American Idol contestant has made it through the first round of Hollywood Week! You may remember Cuban American Florida resident Lazaro Arbos from his audition in Chicago. When he speaks, the Naples ice cream scooper stutters so badly he can’t finish a sentence. But when he sings, the stutter...

  • The Grammys, With a Florida-Orange Twist!

    By February 7, 2013

    Florida’s taking over the Grammys! As the back-slapping music industry shindig looms, Gossip Extra did a little digging to find out which nominated acts can be traced back to Florida. We counted at least eight. Not too shabby! There are some obvious ones, like hip-hop/pop star Flo Rida. Duh! But then there...

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