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  • Brett Ratner Brett Ratner

    Miami Beach Film Maker Brett Ratner Also Accused Of Sexual Misconduct!

    By November 1, 2017

    MIAMI BEACH — And another one bites the dust…Miami Beach native and Hollywood director Brett Ratner, who has raised eyebrows in the past for his homophobic and sexist remarks, has been accused of sexual assault by five actresses, including Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge. Ratner is the latest in the...

  • Alonzo Mourning Alonzo Mourning

    CHA-CHING! Miami Heat Great Wins Vending Machine Lawsuit!

    By October 31, 2017

    MIAMI — Miami Heat legend Alonzo Mourning is about to get at $589,040 payday! A Miami-Dade County circuit court judge has sided with the player in his lawsuit against Gilly, a local vending machine giant. Let’s hope they don’t pay him in quarters! Last week, Judge Antonio Arzolo issued a...

  • Tennyson apartments hidden camera Tennyson apartments hidden camera

    Who’s Spying On FL Legislators, And Why?

    By October 31, 2017

    TALLAHASSEE — These days, there are cameras pretty much everywhere—sometimes even where they’re not expected. Lobbyists and legislators who make their homes on the 6th floor of the “Tennyson” condominium near the Capitol were the subject of unwanted scrutiny via a secret spy camera hidden in the building during the last...

  • Rafael Velasquez Rafael Velasquez

    Miami Beach Commission Candidate Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Several Women

    By October 31, 2017

    MIAMI BEACH — It seems that 2017 will go down as the year that men couldn’t keep it in their pants. Following in the footsteps of Harvey Weinstein, James Toback and Mark Halperin, a candidate for the Miami Beach Commission, Rafael Velasquez, has been accused of sexual harassment and assault...

  • Matthew McConaughey's wife Camila Alves Matthew McConaughey's wife Camila Alves

    PHOTOS — “Beach Bum” Matthew McConaughey Is Looking Great In Miami Beach!

    By October 30, 2017

    MIAMI BEACH — Hunky movie star Matthew McConaughey is currently in Florida, and Miami Beach has been the recent beneficiary of the attention of the actor and his gorgeous wife. McConaughey, 47, came down south to film the comedy The Beach Bum from Harmony Korine (of Kids and Spring Breakers fame). With...

  • Jason Derulo: Boys & Girls Club Shindig Hits Home!

    By October 30, 2017

    MIAMI — South Florida-native superstar Jason Derulo isn’t too big too come back and do some good for a hometown cause! Derulo’s planning to give a little back on Nov. 11 with a unique, private concert at downtown Miami’s Mandarin Oriental. The 28-year-old is scheduled to perform for more than...

  • Sam Sharma, Raymond Trapani and Robert Farkas Sam Sharma, Raymond Trapani and Robert Farkas

    South Florida Hustlers Strike It Rich With Help From Floyd Mayweather

    By October 30, 2017

    PALM BEACH GARDENS — Not content with simply raking in the big bucks for beating the likes of Connor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather is also helping others get rich, namely two guys from Miami and one from Palm Beach Gardens. The star boxer used social media in September to advertise Centra...

  • Marlins Marlins

    EXCLUSIVE — UNFRIENDLY SKIES: The Miami Marlins Sue Private Jet Company!

    By October 29, 2017

    MIAMI — Just two weeks before baseball legend Derek Jeter bought the Miami Marlins, the Jeffrey Loria company that owned the team sued a private jet-service that was supposed to fly the team to games in style. The problem, according to court papers filed with a Miami-Dade County circuit court in late September, is...

  • KENNEDY PAPERS: Details About Anti-Castro CIA Plan To Bomb Miami, Murder Refugees Unveiled!

    By October 29, 2017

    MIAMI — Fifty-eighty years after the rise of Fidel Castro to power in Cuba, details are still emerging about futile CIA attempts to overthrow the dictator. This week, documents released by the National Archives unveiled a disturbing plan that was hatched by the CIA in the 1960s to bomb Miami...

  • william rodriguez abadia william rodriguez abadia

    Cali Cartel Lawyer Complains That Netflix’s Narcos Makes Him Look Bad

    By October 27, 2017

    MIAMI — Cali cartel kingpin’s son says Netflix ruined his reputation by portraying him as a “psychopath” hitman on Narcos and insists he was just his father’s lawyer. William Rodriguez Abadia, 53, isn’t too happy with how he’s depicted on the hit Netflix show, where he is named David Rodriguez....

  • Amar'e Stoudemire and Quynn Lovett Amar'e Stoudemire and Quynn Lovett

    Miami Heat’s Amar’e Stoudemire Settles Messy Paternity Suit!

    By October 26, 2017

    MIAMI — Former Miami Heat player Amar’e Stoudemire has a lot on his plate. Last month he retired from basketball, and now he’s settled a messy paternity lawsuit brought against him in Fort Lauderdale by a former mistress. Seven months ago, Quynn Lovett asked a judge to confirm Stoudemire’s paternity...

  • Alicia Vikander Alicia Vikander

    Actress Alicia Vikander’s Back In Miami After Secret Wedding!

    By October 26, 2017

    MIAMI — After a surprise wedding earlier this month on the Spanish island of Ibiza, Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander travelled to Miami yesterday with her wedding band front and center. The Swedish actress, who married long-time boyfriend Michael Fassbender, travelled to Florida solo after spending her honeymoon in Italy traipsing...

  • SORE LOSER: Trump Won’t Pay What He Owes Small Business!

    By October 24, 2017

    MIAMI — President Donald Trump says he’s all about small business, but he sure has a strange way of showing it. The Trump National Doral, owned by Trump Endeavor 12 and run by The Donald’s family, is refusing to pay money to a small South Florida spa business, even though...

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