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  • Pompano Beach Fire Rescue Pompano Beach Fire Rescue

    Obama TP in Firehouse: It Was Just a Gag!

    By December 1, 2012

    Slipping TP with President Barack Obama‘s face in the bathroom of a public building was “just a gag!” But in the end, it cost veteran Pompano Beach firefighter Clint Pierce his job — and months of trouble for earlier incidents, Gossip Extra has learned. What’s more, according to Fire Rescue Chief Harry Small, Pierce’s actions divided...

  • The Palm Beach Post The Palm Beach Post

    Revolution: PB Post Owners go Republican!

    By November 26, 2012

    Hold the presses! The ultra-liberal billionaire owners of The Palm Beach Post are starting a conservative website. You read right! The Atlanta-based Cox Media Group, owned by three of the Forbes 400 richest Americans, is searching high-and-low for a Republican figure-head for a new online organization. “I’m not that surprised they’re starting this...

  • Jill Kelley Jill Kelley

    CIA Sex Scandal: Petraeus Florida Rat Owes Millions!

    By November 12, 2012

    There could be a good financial reason why Tampa socialite Jill Kelley blew the whistle on ex-CIA boss David Petraeus‘ affair with his biographer. The story of the sexy tattletale’s takedown of master spy Petraeus is now worth millions! And it so happens that social climber Jill and her oncologist hubby Scott Kelley owe millions...

  • Candidate for Judge Bob Nichols Candidate for Judge Bob Nichols

    Wannabe Judge: You Like Being Kissed in Hot Places?

    By November 1, 2012

    Blue text messages between a married candidate for judge and a woman who approached him for legal help have been obtained by Gossip Extra, hinting at an extra-marital relationship weeks before the election! High-profile Broward attorney Bob Nichols, a well-funded candidate, allegedly text-messaged Susanna Bott that he wanted to “suck on her hard nipples.” Bott and the man...

  • LIVE: Northeast Wakes up to Sandy’s Destruction

    By October 30, 2012

    The Northeast is waking up to a nightmarish worst-case scenario as Hurricane Sandy subsides. There have been at least 16 deaths in the area overnight attributed to the storm. As of now, more than 16.5 million people are without electricity! — Click to register for the daily news alerts Several...

  • TV Stations: Powerless in Abortion Gross Out?

    By October 29, 2012

    With South Florida TV viewers complaining about extremely graphic political ads running on network affiliates, Gossip Extra has obtained the official answer from one TV executive to an outraged man subjected to images of an abortion in prime-time! It’s another story broken by Gossip Extra this weekend: U.S. Congress hopeful Randall Terry has flooded network affiliates in the Miami...

  • Randall Terry Randall Terry

    Abortion: Halloween Gross Out in South Florida!

    By October 27, 2012

    Hundreds of outraged South Florida TV viewers have called or emailed network affiliates to complain about anti-abortion ads that have flooded the airwaves this week. The ads, paid for by U.S. Congress hopeful and anti-abortion rabble-rouser Randall Terry, show scenes better suited for the grossest Halloween horror movies. They have aired in the middle of the...

  • Tequesta PD badge Tequesta PD badge

    Police Chief to Dispatcher: I Want to Make Love to You!

    By October 26, 2012

    A dispatcher is accusing her boss, Tequesta Police Chief Pete Pitocchelli, of sticking his hand into her blouse during a boozy party, then following her into a bedroom and telling her: “I’ve want to make love to you.” That’s after Pitocchelli allegedly put the married dispatcher’s hand on his hot-and-bothered manhood to...

  • Allen West Allen West

    Allen West Soldier: He Promised, Didn’t Deliver!

    By October 26, 2012

    An ex-U.S. Army sergeant who served in Iraq under U.S. Congressman Allen West told Gossip Extra he was shocked and disappointed to find out that West tossed out the personal and medical papers he sent West for a Purple Heart application! West, who’s running for a second term, promised the sergeant to support the request for the...

  • Jonathan Eismann Jonathan Eismann

    Jonathan Eismann: The Man Who Would be Food King!

    By October 14, 2012

    The charges pending against Jonathan Eismann in the hit-and-run killing of a passerby Wednesday in Miami could provide a stunning exclamation point on the fall-from-grace for a man who once ruled Miami Beach’s restaurant business. Eismann is accused of crashing into a pedestrian about 9 a.m. while allegedly driving away...

  • U.S. Rep. Allen West with wife Angela U.S. Rep. Allen West with wife Angela

    Allen West to Wife: Be my Porn Star!

    By September 27, 2012

    The way U.S. Rep. Allen West relates to women has become an issue in his election campaign against Democrat Patrick Murphy. And Murphy’s been hammering away at GOPer West in TV commercials. So far, they have included: West’s alleged opposition to basic health care for women; West’s contention that “all of these...

  • Columbia Journalism Review: With Gossip Extra, Celebrity News Goes Local in South Florida

    By July 6, 2012

    Gossip Extra‘s causing more buzz, this time in New York City with today’s in-depth profile in the prestigious Columbia University’s journalism review: PALM BEACH, FL — Starting in 2004, Jose Lambiet had a near seven-year run as South Florida’s go-to source for celebrity news and society gossip. He plied his...

  • Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama: “He Had me in Fertility Treatment, Now he Doesn’t Want to Help!”

    By June 21, 2012

    Allison Mathis, 32, cringes at the thought that anyone would believe she’s another NBA baby mama who got pregnant for child support. True, Mathis produced a daughter out-of-wedlock with Miami Heat star Chris Bosh, who’s preparing for the NBA Finals’ fifth and possibly deciding game against the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight at...

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