EXCLUSIVE — Bill Gates Off The Hook in Wellington Code Violations After he Pays $30,000-Fine!

Bill Gates

WELLINGTON -- It took almost a year, but Bill Gates finally got Wellington's administration off his back! The village just cleared a lien it placed on the horse ranch of the richest man in the world back in September, according to records. That mean Gates finally paid his $30,600-fine for two serious code violations that took him months to fix. At the rate of $500 a day, Gates quickly piled up $150,000 in fines, but the city fathers gave … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Three Psychics Join Search For Missing Teen Boaters . . . Encouraged Private Rescuers to Keep Looking South And in The Bahamas!

Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos

TEQUESTA -- The families of missing teen boaters Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen received advice from three psychics specializing in missing people over the weekend, and they told desperate relatives to do what's contrary to maritime logic: Look south and in The Bahamas. And while U.S. Coast Guard have been focusing north after finding the youth's 19-foot vessel capsized near Daytona Sunday, a handful of private planes and boats involved in … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Eva Mendes: I’m in Lots of Sucky Movies, But I Look Good!


MIAMI -- Actress Eva Mendes is best known for the forgettable Hitch, The Place Beyond The Pines and The Other Guys, but she'll probably be remembered for a long time as one of the faces of Estee Lauder. Miami native Mendes, 41, was just in Aventura to push her new line of makeup, New Dimension, and press the flesh with fans. And puppies. Mendes turned heads during her appearance in a classy scarlet off-the-shoulders dress that made … [Read more...]

LOW SOCIETY — Palm Beach Socialite Arrested Again, This Time For Allegedly Ripping Off Hospitalized Friend!


PALM BEACH -- Palm Beach socialite Christine Oelsner, the heiress of a New York City shipping fortune, was nabbed again, and this time she's facing a litany of felony charges in connection with thefts from the condo of a hospitalized friend. Oelsner, 48, was charged with five counts of fraud, one count of grand theft, seven counts of dealing stolen property and six counts of pawning stolen items. She was freed on $83,000-bond over the … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Greenacres Publix Manager Breaks up Fight Between Wife And Mistress!!


GREENACRES -- A manager at a Publix in Greenacres had to do much more than get a clean-up on aisle four when his wife and a mistress showed up ready to brawl over his affections! In this video captured by an almost-too-interested bystander whose play-by-play commenting is world class, the unidentified manager is trying to manage (that's right!) a menage a trois gone wrong when his wife starts throwing punches at his side piece. The manager … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Coral Sky Amphitheatre Gets New Name: Say Hello to Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre!

Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre

WEST PALM BEACH -- West Palm Beach's outdoors concert venue often known as Coral Sky Amphitheatre is getting a new name. Say hello to the Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre! And it's the first time in the history of the venue that it'll bear the name of the local company. Perfect Vodka is made in France with water from the pristine Vosges Mountains but the company is owned by Palm Beach businessman Dennis Cunningham. Needless to say: They'll … [Read more...]

UPDATE — Search For Missing Teen Boaters Continues

Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos

TEQUESTA -- After careful consideration, I have decided to take down the story we ran yesterday about the family background of Austin Stephanos who, along with buddy Perry Cohen, has been missing at sea since Friday. The 14-year-old boys are the subjects of a massive search along the East Coast after their 19-foot center console motorboat was discovered yesterday off Cape Canaveral. The U.S. Coast Guard today announced they're not losing hope … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Joe Namath: There’s $100,000 For Info on Missing Kids!

Joe Namath

TEQUESTA -- NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath has just joined the search for two teenage Tequesta boaters who are believed to have disappeared in the ocean off the Treasure Coast, and announced a $100,000-reward for info leading to the discovery of the youths. Fourteen-year-old Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos were last seen about 1:30 p.m Friday in Jupiter as they spent $100 on fuel for their 19-foot center console fishing boat. They are … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Slipknot Slays Coral Sky Fans!

Slipknot, last night at Coral Sky (INF photo)

WEST PALM BEACH -- Conjuring up the usual imagery of a horror movie gone berserk, Slipknot invaded Coral Sky Amphitheatre last night in West Palm Beach. There was plenty of drinking in the audience (how else would anyone be able to bear it?), and many fans appeared ready for Halloween, so soon. The Des Moines' heavy metal band (Now we know why they cover their faces!) is in the middle of its Summer's Last Stand tour, with a scheduled … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — David Cassidy: Anyone With $3 Million in The Bank Can Bid on my House!

For the right buyer of his Fort Lauderdale house, David Cassidy might even throw in the piano! (MLS photo)

FORT LAUDERDALE -- The rules for the bidding on aging teen heartthrob David Cassidy’s house in Fort Lauderdale are set, and potential buyers have to prove they have $3 million in the bank to get in on the fun. The auction was ordered in the 65-year-old singer’s bankruptcy, and the new date of the sale has been set for Sept. 9 to accommodate more potential buyers. “We scheduled it for August at first,” says auctioneer Lamar Fisher, “but we … [Read more...]

RIP: Palm Beach Zoo’s Florida Panther Mirasol Dies at 14!

Florida panther Mirasol

WEST PALM BEACH -- Beloved female Florida panther Mirasol died at the Palm Beach Zoo yesterday. She was 14. The zoo is telling us vets diagnosed a paralysis of her back legs earlier this week after a possible kidney failure. And when Mirasol started experiencing seizures and severe pain with no hope of recovery, zoo officials decided to have her euthanized. “We are deeply saddened to lose Mirasol,” said Jan Steele, the zoo's general … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Heather Hironimus: I Still Don’t Know if my Son Has Been Circumcised!

Heather Hironimus

WEST PALM BEACH -- Despite being spared more jail time last week, Heather Hironimus, the Boynton Beach mom who made national news when she went into hiding with her son to prevent his circumcision, may not be able to see the little boy any time soon, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively. Hironimus, 31, may have to wait well into the fall to see 4-year-old Chase. What's more, she still has no idea whether Chase's circumcision has finally … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Hulk Hogan Trapped in Racial Scandal . . . Use of N-WORD Pins Down Wrestler!


TAMPA -- A sex tape isn't the only troublesome thing in the life wrestler Hulk Hogan! There's an audio tape making the rounds online, and it's so ugly that it caused World Wrestling Entertainment to sever its ties with its hall of famer. Most mentions of Hogan have vanished from the pro wrestling outfit's website, including on wwe.com's hall of fame page, and his merchandise has also been removed from its shop. Reports online claim … [Read more...]