VIDEO — Teacher Suspended For Five Days in Racial Incident!

Deyab-Houssein Wardani demonstrates what a vacation might look like (via Facebook)

WESTON -- Broward County teacher Maria Valdes received a five-day suspension without pay after calling a student in a Weston school a "rag-head Taliban." Cypress Bay High School freshman Deyab-Houssein Wardani, 14, told his parents that his French teacher had called him the racial slur when he'd come into class wearing a hoodie. Ironically, Wardani told WPLG-Channel 10 that he didn't even know what "taliban" was until his teacher used the … [Read more...]

NO PHOTOS! Broward Judges Dismiss 24,000 Red Light Tickets Worth Millions!


FORT LAUDERDALE – If a camera in Broward County recently caught you running a red light, you could be off the hook! Two Broward County traffic judges have dismissed 24,000 pending red light ticket cases, totaling more than $6 million in revenues for municipalities. They ruled that the red light program violated Florida state law! For years, the videos taken by the traffic cameras were reviewed by employees at a private company, American … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Luck of The Irish: Justin Bieber Gets Lawsuit Reprieve on St. Patrick’s Day!

Justin Bieber

MIAMI -- Troubled pop star Justin Bieber must've found a four-leaf clover! A judge in Miami handed the singer a small victory in a lawsuit last night when he allowed him to skip a three-time-rescheduled court proceeding that was supposed to take place this morning in Fort Lauderdale so that Bieber could spend time with his grandparents. It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: The mediation session scheduled for 10 a.m. was postponed to … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Justin Bieber: I Can’t Make it to St. Patrick’s Day Mediation Because of Roast!


MIAMI -- Justin Bieber is more concerned about doing media appearances in the wake of his March 14 roast than attending a mandatory court date in Fort Lauderdale on St. Patrick's Day, according to new court papers filed in a lawsuit against Bieber. Bieber's expansive legal team already told the mediator assigned to a lawsuit filed against Bieber in June 2013 by a local paparazzo that the singer of Never Say Never won't show up to tomorrow's … [Read more...]

WTF? Actor Nicholas Brendon Can’t Stop Trashing Hotel Rooms at Comic Book Conventions!

Nicholas Brendon feature

TALLAHASSEE – Of all the addictions and afflictions that plague C-list celebrities, the one that plagues Nicholas Brendon, of former Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame has to be the weirdest. The guy can’t stop trashing hotel rooms at comic book conventions! What is that all about? Criminal Minds star Brendon was busted over the weekend in Tallahassee in his third comic book convention hotel-room trashing incident since October! Brendon … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Fort Lauderdale Drying Tank to Michael Lohan: You Have a Big Mouth, And We’re Suing You!

BOCA RATON -- The owners of a high-end Fort Lauderdale drug and alcohol treatment center are suing Michael Lohan, the father of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, for allegedly trying to poach employees and bad-mouthing the company. It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: The owners of Dream Recovery International want a Palm Beach County court to stop Lohan, who parlayed a family history of addiction into a career in recovery, from talking … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Anchors Away: WSVN, WFOR Losing Top on-Air Talent!

MIAMI -- Well-liked WSVN-Channel 7 anchorman Mike Marza is hightailing it out-of-town. And he's taking his wife, WFOR-Channel 4 morning star Rhiannon Ally, with him. Gossip Extra's hearing the two are headed back to Kansas City, where they both worked before they arrived in 2011 and 2012. Sounds like Marza has a new gig as main anchor of one of the three big KC stations while Ally will try the market once she gets there. Fox affiliate … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Rental Trashed . . . Johnson Asked to Pay $80,000 For Damages!

Dwayne Johnson

SOUTHWEST RANCHES -- The owners of a $6 million-mansion in Southwest Ranches are trying to get big screen superstar Dwayne Johnson to pay for damages that their crib sustained while Johnson was renting it. It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Several sources are telling us that Johnson, 42, whose new movie San Andreas is set to be released May 29, just moved out of the sprawling ranch at 17801 SW 63rd Manor after renting the place for two … [Read more...]

BIG BROTHER Rick Scott Bans Climate Change and Global Warming From Florida!

Rick Scott Feature

TALLAHASSEE – In a move more befitting George Orwell’s Big Brother than a governor, the man Floridians twice elected to the state's highest office has banned Department of Environmental Protection workers from saying, or writing “climate change” or “global warming.” Say what? It’s apparentley true: The politician whose name (which we will not utter) rhymes with Prick Spott, had an unwritten policy prohibiting DEP workers from using “climate … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Justin Bieber Lawsuit Mediation Set For St. Patrick’s Day in Fort Lauderdale!

Justin Bieber is scheduled to be in Fort Lauderdale on St. Patrick's Day for a mediation session in a lawsuit filed against him (Gossip Extra collage)

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Justin Bieber might ask for some of the luck of the Irish when he visits Fort Lauderdale on St. Patrick's Day. It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: The troubled singer of Baby has been told to be in a downtown office at 10 a.m. sharp March 17 for a final mediation session in the lawsuit brought against him by a paparazzo. Bieber and his coterie of lawyers will duke it out with the complainant and his lawyer, Mark … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Dan Marino Secretly Working to Become a REAL ESTATE MOGUL!

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino has been as busy as a little bee investing in the real estate market for the past year -- and he tried to keep his hobby quiet! But nobody can squeeze through Gossip Extra's real estate dragnet -- especially not someone as stiff-legged as the hall of fame quarterback! In order to do his wheeling and dealing on the sly, slippery Marino and his wife Claire created an investment company that … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Miami Gardens PD Chief Stephen Johnson to Hooker: I’m Just Coming From Work!

Stephen Johnson

DANIA BEACH -- Here's the video of Miami Gardens Police Chief Stephen Johnson walking into a honey trap! The footage shows two female detectives posing as a prostitutes discussing what they're going to do with, or to, Johnson. -- Police chief wanted high heels, delayed orgasm! And Johnson has a special request: high heels! One of the phony hos can be heard telling him: "It's 100 roses!" Johnson was arrested then fired by the city's … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Drunk-Driving Judge Cynthia Imperato Fined $5,000, Suspended Without Pay!

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Cynthia Imperato, a Broward County Circuit Court judge arrested for DUI last year, now knows her punishment from the legal community. The Florida Judicial Qualification Commission, which disciplines judges, has recommended a $5,000-fine, a 20-day suspension without pay, alcohol treatment and a public reprimand to punish Imperato for her 2013 arrest in Boca Raton, according to papers obtained by Gossip Extra. The … [Read more...]