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COPS: Florida Woman Trashes Home and Attacks Boyfriend for Saying it was Too Hot to Cuddle!


COPS: Florida Woman Trashes Home and Attacks Boyfriend for Saying it was Too Hot to Cuddle!

Kristy Misty Mudd likes it hot (via Facebook)

CLEARWATER — In Florida, there’s a general expectation among residents that one be able to tolerate the warm climes. A woman in Clearwater, though, took that expectation a bit far.

Kristy Misty Mudd—a woman whose general grumpiness could perhaps be attributed to having a name befitting a Dr. Seuss villain—allegedly attacked her boyfriend, 24-year-old Jared Thompson, “because he refused to cuddle, because it was hot,” according to an arrest affidavit.

Not content to leave the results of her destructive performance as a mere laceration on Thompson’s face, Mudd also “destroyed the residence.” According to a deputy, “belongings and furniture” had been “tossed in the living room.”

Mudd, 31, has a history of such volatile behavior. She has been convicted of battery in the past, and also of theft and violating probation.

According to Thompson, Mudd’s attack took the form of shoving and scratching while he stood in the doorway to their bedroom. Perhaps unsurprisingly, police said that Mudd “had the distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath.”

In an attempt to flip things on her boyfriend, Mudd told police that she was actually the one who had been attacked. However, since only Thompson had any visible injuries, it didn’t take the cops long to conclude that Mudd was the “primary aggressor” of the incident. She was arrested for domestic battery and is currently out on her own recognizance, with a standing order to stay away from Thompson.

Locals can take some comfort, at least, in the fact that Mudd is not a native Floridian; per the arrest affidavit, her place of birth is California.

The reader can judge whether it was Mudd or Thompson that was being unreasonable; the temperature at the time of the dispute was 88 degrees.

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