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COPS: An AK-47 Was No Match For Unarmed Woman Defending Her Family!


COPS: An AK-47 Was No Match For Unarmed Woman Defending Her Family!

According to cops, Angel Delgado Santiago, right, and Jorge Montanez, left, used an AK-47 for a home invasion, but lost it to an unarmed woman named “Trigger” (Seminole County Sheriff’s Office photos)

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS — In an ironic turn, a woman nicknamed “Trigger” due to her love of guns found herself successfully fighting off a pair of gun-toting home invaders with nothing but her wits and her bare hands.

Trigger—who asked news media not to reveal her actual name—had gone to her car in Altamonte Springs Saturday morning when she realized she’d left her cell phone in her apartment. Apparently cursed to always be without an item she needs, she left her gun in the car when returning to the apartment to collect her cell phone.

Upon entering the apartment, Trigger heard loud footsteps ascending the stairs, accompanied by her ex-wife and her teenage son shouting “They got guns!”

“I went blank, I had no feeling,” Trigger said of the jarring moment. “I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t brave. It’s go time—do or die.” She added, “When I seen the barrel of the gun, I swear it felt like a movie.”

As it happened, the two alleged intruders—Angel Delgado Santiago, 30, and Jorge Montanez, 17—were not merely armed, but actually had between them an AK-47. (The other carried a handgun.)

Trigger described the AK-47-wielder as “nervous,” a trait which emboldened her as employed her firearm expertise to pull the magazine from the assault rifle.

“I used to love to collect guns,” Trigger said by way of explanation of the remarkable feat. “That’s how I knew how to field strip every gun— AK, AR—I love them.”

With the AK-47 neutralized, Trigger then found herself having to contend with the handgun user. He fired at her leg but missed, and she took the opportunity to launch herself at the intruder and grapple with him.

“I started hitting him with my head, the back of my head on his and I kind of pinched him against the wall and he started begging for me just to let him go,” she said.

The men had clearly had enough and fled the scene, but were shortly thereafter apprehended by police.

Santiago and his young partner were detained on a great many charges. Their objective is still unknown, though Trigger believes they may have gotten wind of her firearm collection and sought to use her cache to arm up further.

“They just didn’t know I was going to fight back,” she stated.

Presumably, the woman known as “Trigger” will never be caught again without her sidearm OR her cell phone.

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