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MOTHER’S DAY MIRACLE: Mom Who Lost Baby in Lightning Strike is Pregnant Again!


MOTHER’S DAY MIRACLE: Mom Who Lost Baby in Lightning Strike is Pregnant Again!

Meghan and Matt Davidson are pregnant again after losing baby in a lightning strike (via Facebook)

FORT MYERS — A Fort Myers mom who lost her last pregnancy under brutal and bizarre circumstances has announced some happy Mother’s Day news: She’s expecting again!

Meghan Davidson, 27, was only one week away from her due date in June of last year when—without a drop of rain in the sky—she was struck in the head by lightning.

The startling incident left Meghan with burns and a collapsed lung and landed her in the ICU; she had a heart attack as a result as well.

Sadly and most notably, though, her unborn son, Owen, suffered a stoppage of his heart. He was delivered early by c-section and placed on life support, but pronounced dead two weeks later at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

“I don’t have much memory,” Meghan said of the tragedy and of her hospital stay. “I don’t remember much, only the last two to three days.”

The Davidsons’ story has taken a far more joyous turn with the announcement that Meghan and husband Matt Davidson are expecting another child, Ozzy, in October.

The new baby will make five! Matt and Meghan with Brea and Otto (via Facebook)

“Excited? Oh, man, was I,” Meghan said about the news of the pregnancy. “We didn’t know if we could.”

The strange incident took place while Meghan was out for a walk near her parents’ home. The sky was cloudy, but there was no attendant storm.

In the aftermath of Owen’s tragic passing, the couple subsisted on hope, faith and support from their church community.

“I lost a child, I almost lost my wife, I stepped away from work,” a stricken Matt said of last year’s events.

“I think it’s devastating, you know, you just don’t understand why some tragedy happens,” said friend and fellow church congregant Linda Kelly.

All appears to be well with the current pregnancy. Meghan is healthy and is not considered high-risk.

“As a mother, I’d give my life for my child,” Meghan said. “If I had a choice [last year] it would have been ‘take me instead.’”

Nonetheless, Meghan and Matt enjoy a happy life in Fort Myers with their kids Brea, Otto and—come October—Ozzy!

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