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COPS: MAN BITES DOG To Show Who’s Boss!


COPS: MAN BITES DOG To Show Who’s Boss!

Patrick Shurod Campbell was arrested for biting the ear of his dog (PBSO photo)

LANTANA — When a dog bites a man, it ain’t news. When a man bites a dog to “establish dominance,” well, that’s just another day in Floriduh!

According to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office records, Patrick Shurod Campbell, 22, was arrested yesterday on charges of aggravated animal cruelty after he allegedly bit his 2-year-old husky’s ear in a battle to prove who was the alpha dog.

Campbell wanted to make sure it was him and not the dog, Dimitri.

Apparently, on Wednesday Dimitri had wreaked havoc in Campbell’s apartment destroying, among other things, a pack of cigarettes.

Campbell got another pack of cigarettes, and attempting to teach a not-so-old dog a new trick, put the packet of cigarettes in front of the dog. Dimitri, maybe understanding he was in trouble, laid down on the ground, according to the sheriff’s report.

That’s when, PBSO, said Campbell tried to grab the dog’s neck to teach him a lesson.

What happened next isn’t clear, but officers went to Campbell’s house Thursday after someone complained that there was a dog being abused there.

When officers arrived the scene was utterly bizarre.

Dimitri was locked in a dark bedroom closet. When officers flicked on the light, the pooch shook and had his ears flattened all the way back in a show of fear and submission.

One ear was cut and bloodied.

The report says the bedroom smelled like urine and feces and officers could see blood on the floor and on a chair.

When deputies asked what happened, they say Campbell told them he bit Dimitri to “establish dominance.”

Campbell was taken to jail and Dimitri was taken by Palm Beach Animal Care and Control.

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