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COPS: FLORIDUH High Schooler Crashes NFL Party, Gets Sacked After Trying To Steal Wallet And Truck From QB Blake Bortles!


COPS: FLORIDUH High Schooler Crashes NFL Party, Gets Sacked After Trying To Steal Wallet And Truck From QB Blake Bortles!

Blake Bortles sacked a would-be robber who crashed his party (via Instagram)

JACKSONVILLE — NFL quarterback Blake Bortles detained a teenage party crasher at a beach house shindig, only to later learn that the errant youth had stolen his wallet and attempted to steal his truck!

Bortles was attending a party thrown by his Jacksonville Jaguars teammate Brandon Linder on Wednesday when he noticed 18-year-old Joseph Horton at the gathering. Something pinged Bortles as suspicious about the young man, who certainly didn’t appear to be one of the invited guests. The quarterback confronted the trespassing youth and detained him until police arrived.

What Bortles didn’t realize at first was that he personally had been victimized by Horton. Surveillance cameras at the beach house showed the young interloper entering the QB’s Ford F-150 truck, which was unlocked with the keys inside. It was here that Horton lifted Bortles’s wallet.

The bold young thief didn’t stop there, though: He also tried to drive off with the truck!

There’s young and stupid and then there’s Joseph Horton (Jacksonville Beach Police Department)

Ultimately, the parking logistics of the scene thwarted Horton. Too many other vehicles were parked around the truck, and he could find no route to exit.

While many would cut their losses and merely abscond with the wallet at that point, Horton—for whatever reason—decided to go inside and join the party, leading to his capture.

Horton, it turns out, is a student at Fletcher High School in nearby Neptune Beach, and his address as provided to police was a multimillion-dollar residence where he lives with his parents, also near the site of the party.

It seems likely that the young wallet-thief didn’t need the money. When asked why he was at the party, Horton claimed he was searching for his ex-girlfriend, but no actual guests of the party had any connection to him.

Horton is being charged with grand theft, burglary and trespassing. Hopefully there won’t be a “next time,” but if there is, he’d be well-advised to take the money and run!

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