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LAST ONE NIGHT STAND — Aspiring Model, 18, ODs In Apartment Of Emergency Room Doctor She Went Home With From A Bar!


LAST ONE NIGHT STAND — Aspiring Model, 18, ODs In Apartment Of Emergency Room Doctor She Went Home With From A Bar!

Olya Langille’s family is looking for answers (via Facebook)

FORT LAUDERDALE — A 41-year-old emergency room doctor fielded a death by drug overdose in an usual location: his apartment.

According to police, Naval Parikh met 18-year-old would-be model Olya Langille at Blondies, a Fort Lauderdale sports bar, on March 25th. The pair returned to the doctor’s apartment where they partook of cocaine, marijuana and some casual sex.

According to Parikh, they shortly thereafter went to sleep, and he eventually moved out to a couch in his living room. He noted that Langille was snoring at about 3:00 a.m., but was unresponsive when he awoke and checked on her at 9:00, whereupon he called 911. She was declared dead soon after.

Dr. Naval Parikh is going to have lots of ‘splaining to do (via Facebook)

A responding officer found some small plastic bags that he believed had contained “cocaine and/or heroin.”

Apparently, Langille was on more than the cocaine and pot she shared with her doctor friend, as an autopsy found fentanyl (an opioid) and Xanax in her system as well.

She wanted to be a model (via Facebook)

Police believe the young model’s death to be an accidental overdose and suspect no foul play in the matter. Langille’s family, however, do not necessarily agree.

“For anyone who has any messages with Olya the day she passed or the days before please personal message me,” read a message posted to Langille’s Facebook account, presumably by family. “The so called ‘consensual sex’ was not consensual and for anyone who has messages of her asking for help please send them along with any other information. As well as who else was at the party. Thank you.”

Leslie Maxson, a friend of Langille’s mother, made several comments on the affair and was particularly aggrieved that Langille should pass in such a way in the company of a doctor.

“He had the responsibility to take care of her and make sure she was okay,” she asserted.

Maxson went on to explain that Langille had moved into the area to work on yachts, and was excited about her new job.

Olya Langille’s Facebook photos paint a picture of a good-time girl (via Facebook)

“I’m still having a hard time grasping all the sadness and all the upset we’ve had in her family and my own family because of her loss,” she went on.

As for Parikh, his involvement in the episode hasn’t been entirely without consequences. Broward Health North, the hospital that employs him, has arranged “alternative coverage” for his patients for the time being.

“We take these allegations very seriously and have arranged alternative coverage for this physician’s patients pending further investigation,” was the hospital’s statement.

Probably not the worst thing, considering the fate of the last recipient of the doctor’s tender ministrations.

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