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Newlyweds Arrested for Hotel Brawl Mere Hours After Marrying At Clearwater Beach!


Newlyweds Arrested for Hotel Brawl Mere Hours After Marrying At Clearwater Beach!

Memories and court fines last forever (via Facebook)

CLEARWATER BEACH — For a newlywed couple from Davenport, marital difficulties began early—just a few hours in.

Daniel Gillen, 61, and GeGee Riposta, 49, exchanged wedding vows at a nice ceremony on Clearwater Beach on Sunday, looking for all the world like a happy couple.

As it happens, though, Gillen and Riposta appear to be a happy couple that can’t handle their alcohol. According to the police report that accompanied their eventual fisticuffs, the two promptly “became intoxicated” and “have been arguing throughout the day.”

Repeated arguments immediately after tying the knot is a bad enough omen in and of itself, but matters took a sharp turn for the worse when an actual brawl broke out in the newlyweds’ room at the Clearwater Beach Hotel.

According to Gillen, his new wife “physically started to attack” by scratching at his chest. Police noted that he “had noticeable scratch marks and injury to his torso which was consistent with his statements.”

Daniel Gillen and GeGee Riposta surely had a wedding to remember! (Clearwater Beach police photo)

Apparently, though, Gillen didn’t just take the scratching attack lying down. Per the police report, Riposta claimed that her husband “grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the ground,” an assertion that was borne out by “noticeable scratches and scrape marks on her knee.”

It was Gillen’s first such rodeo, so he was charged only with misdemeanor domestic battery and subsequently released on his own recognizance. Riposta, however, had been convicted for battery before, making this latest kerfuffle “felony battery.” She had to post $500 bond in order to secure release.

The court ordered that the pair not have any contact, making the notion of a honeymoon difficult. Whatever the plan may have been, with any luck, the volatile duo purchased trip insurance!

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