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Engaged Couple Arrested For Stealing And Reselling $20K Worth Of Victoria’s Secret Panties!


Engaged Couple Arrested For Stealing And Reselling $20K Worth Of Victoria’s Secret Panties!

In this Victoria’s Secret picture, the panties are not what we’d steal! (Victoria’s Secret press photo)

TALLAHASSSEE — Crime didn’t pay for a couple stealing Victoria’s Secret panties from the logistics company that employed them in Tallahassee, as they and a third associate have found themselves collared after a series of blunders.

Cops say Coby Richardson, 48, and his fiancée Quinessia Jackson, 29, hatched the scheme last November. As part of the Victoria’s Secret distribution process, the ladies’ lingerie passed through a warehouse in Tallahassee, where Richardson and Jackson would appropriate it for resale, alternately online and on the street, according to police.

Perhaps less desirable or lucrative than a business selling illegal drugs, Richardson as ringleader presumably concluded that you work with what you have while beginning his proud-but-short run as a street-level panty-peddler.

It took a mere two months for a manager at the company to realize something was amiss and launch an investigation.

Like so many great criminals before them, the larcenous duo found themselves ultimately undone by a lack of discretion on Facebook. Their associate, 25-year-old Jaresa Frye, posted pictures of bags of the panties on her personal feed on the social media site, with the bags’ tracking codes plainly visible.

The logistics company manager took note, and also noticed via Frye’s profile that she was “friends” with Richardson and Jackson, and that the stolen packages were for customers assigned to each of the two as well.

Having connected all of the dots, this latter-day Columbo-of-undergarments flew to Tallahassee to confront the evil-doers with his findings. Cops say Richardson promptly confessed and—with a loyalty exceeded only by his criminal competence—rolled over on his fiancée and their associate, naming both as his accomplices.

The final cost of the stolen products was $21,912.69.

Although they’ve now been busted, the trio can now up their game by using the prison panty-selling ring from a recent season of “Orange is the New Black” as a blueprint for their next big operation. With any luck, they can go a little longer than two months without detection next time.

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