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Feisty 71-Year-Old Arrested For Exposing Self, Masturbating At Restaurants!


Feisty 71-Year-Old Arrested For Exposing Self, Masturbating At Restaurants!

Alvaro Pena-Yepes really, really likes restaurants (Seminole County Jail photo)

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS — Addictions can be hard to manage, and the associated behavioral habits hard to break. Certain of these behaviors, however, are decidedly more peculiar than others.

For proof of that, look no further than Alvaro Pena-Yepes. At age 71, the compulsion driving Pena-Yepes wasn’t something as mundane as an opioid or gambling addiction. What was his particular poison, you might ask? Simple: Pena-Yepes exposes himself and masturbates in restaurants.

It’s an unusual preoccupation to say the least, and one in which the not-so-distinguished senior citizen continues to indulge despite fielding considerable difficulty on the legal front as a result of his actions.

Since 2012, Pena-Yepes has been arrested a solid dozen times, mainly for lewd acts performed in public. Earlier this month, he was arrested on further allegations of lewdness, while still on bond from the last incident, an especially noteworthy evening where he exposed himself and masturbated at Duffy’s Sports Bar in Altamonte Springs.

Apparently, Pena-Yepes’s behaviors are at least somewhat informed by alcohol consumption, and a judge ordered the salacious senior on April 3rd to wear an alcohol monitor and to adhere to an 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. in an attempt to rein in his vile pub crawls and dining experiences.

Nonetheless, Pena-Yepes went on a veritable “obscenity tour,” visiting Rookies Cantina in Longwood on April 4th and—in Altamonte Springs—Floggers Grill on April 4th, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza on April 6th, Pizza Hut on April 7th and Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen on April 8th, all in violation of his appointed curfew hours.

While the curfew clearly failed, doctors were no more optimistic about the strategy of limiting alcohol, pointing out that Pena-Yepes’s behavior was more the function of strokes he’d suffered and the onset of dementia, and that there’s “no expectation that he will show any significant improvement in his condition.”

Moreover, on at least of the occasions in the obscenity tour, Pena-Yepes arrived at the restaurant drunk regardless of the alcohol monitor, and promptly made obscene comments to a female bartender.

Now Pena-Yepes is under house arrest, though presumably avenues such as Skype, FaceTime and even old-fashioned phone calls remain available to him to continue the spread of his loathsome gospel.

At age 71, he might find some of these techniques difficult to master, but as they say in the movies: Life finds a way.

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