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HUMAN KEN DOLL Parties In Miami Beach, Still Unhappy With His Appearance, Wishes For A “Quiet Night”!


HUMAN KEN DOLL Parties In Miami Beach, Still Unhappy With His Appearance, Wishes For A “Quiet Night”!

Rodrigo Alves certainly stands out on the beach (via Instagram)

MIAMI — They say it takes all kinds to make a world, and Rodrigo Alves—also known as “the Human Ken Doll”—certainly fills an unusual niche.

Alves, 34, has long struggled with issues related to his appearance and has had something on the order of 60 plastic surgeries and over 100 cosmetic procedures to radically transform his face and body. (“Human Ken Doll” is actually a pretty fair approximation.)

Alves, who has paid over $700,000 for his various procedures, voiced concerns during his recent time in Miami Beach that his hard-partying lifestyle was harming him, and possibly fatally damaging his liver.

This is what $700,000 of plastic surgery will buy you (via Instagram)

“People think I’m a perfect boy, living a quiet life, but I am always out partying. It can be very lonely traveling around the globe and staying in hotel rooms,” Alves said. “So I like to go out and meet new people, but it’s meant I’m drinking excessively. I work hard and try to live my life to the max. But I spend a lot of time hungover and sometimes I wish I had a quiet night.”

It’s not the only recent regret for the Ken-lookalike. At a price-tag of $40,000 he had his 11th and 12th ribs surgically removed to reduce his waistline.

The Human Ken doll recently had some ribs removed to give him a smaller waist (via Instagram)

“I have pain when I eat and when I drink, the pain is on the left side where it is also swollen,” he said of the aftermath of the ridiculous procedure. Ever-focused on his exterior, Alves seemed more concerned about ill effects his lifestyle has on his appearance than on his overall health.

“As much as my friends tell me I look good, I am bloated and 80% of my outfits don’t fit me anymore,” he stated. “Just on this Miami trip, after partying to excess, I have caused three pairs of trousers to rip. My skin is bad and I feel fat and not like myself.”

Maybe he doesn’t feel like himself because he’s spent so much money turning himself into a human Ken doll! (via Instagram)

As to said partying, Alves has been spending time with Nicky Hilton and sang the young socialite’s praises.

“She is very sweet,” he said. “She has an extraordinary life but underneath it all, she is just a normal lovely girl.”

His displeasure with his current appearance notwithstanding, Alves insists he has no further medical procedures of any consequence on the horizon.

“I’m going to Prague soon for a revamp, but it will all be non-invasive,” he explained. “I won’t be having any more plastic surgery unless it’s essential maintenance work.”

The clarification is really only so clear, since Alves’s definition of “essential” clearly differs considerably from mainstream ideas.

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