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County Commissioner Allegedly Kept Sex Slaves In His Home, Paid Food And Pocket Money For Sexual Access!


County Commissioner Allegedly Kept Sex Slaves In His Home, Paid Food And Pocket Money For Sexual Access!

It’ll be interesting to see if Nick Nicholson manages to get himself re-elected (Hernando County Sheriff’s photo)

HERNANDO COUNTY — A Florida county commissioner who allowed his small amount of power to go to his head is now in dire legal straits after allegdly establishing a schedule of live-in sex slaves.

Nick Nicholson, who serves in Hernando County, was arrested Thursday after authorities learned he moved a couple into his home and paid them for sexual access to the wife.

Nicholson, 71, met the wife (30-year-old Valerie Surette) at Icon Gentleman’s Club in 2017 in nearby Pasco County, where she worked as a stripper. She and her husband, Kendel Surette, moved in with Nicholson under the arrangement that the commissioner would pay for their food, rent and rehab clinic expenses, and would contribute an additional $100 for sexual access to Valerie on Tuesdays and $200 for Saturdays.

“I had originally agreed to the arrangement,” Valerie said. “I did work at a strip club, but that’s different. Here, I was a sex slave.”

Valerie Surette claims she was a sex slave (Hernando County Sheriff’s photo)

Valerie noted that she basically had to serve at Nicholson’s whims on her “on” days.

“If I didn’t kiss him or touch him or sit on his lap, he would get angry,” she expanded.

According to Valerie, Nicholson allowed her other clients from the strip club to have sex with her at his home as well.

Lest one be tempted to consider Nicholson’s libido and depravities modest in consideration of his mere Tuesday/Saturday sex schedule, it should be noted that another woman—38-year-old Melinda Baker—also resided at one point with Nicholson, and held the Monday/Wednesday shift under a similar agreement.

You can never tell what goes on inside someone’s house (via Google maps)

The convoluted matter came to light when police responded to a call about a domestic disturbance at Nicholson’s home and found Kendel, Valerie and the commissioner in a glassy-eyed state—appearing to be under the influence—with Valerie sporting a facial injury that she said came from her husband throwing a screwdriver at her.

Adding to the overall classiness of the escapade, Nicholson was apparently wearing sweatpants with a hole in the front that exposed his genitalia at the time of the police visit.

Kendel and Valerie had been living with Nicholson at that point for about six months.

Nicholson is being charged with various counts related to prostitution. He was held on $3,000 bond, which he promptly posted. Hernando County Sheriff Lieutenant Jeff Kraft did not anticipate the women being charged.

Hernando County’s Republican Executive Committee was swift in asking that Nicholson resign his post, the party showing considerably more eagerness to punish sexual misconduct at the county commissioner level than at the presidential level.



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