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Bhad Bhabie Danielle Bregoli: My Dad Filed For Restraining Order Against My Mom!


Bhad Bhabie Danielle Bregoli: My Dad Filed For Restraining Order Against My Mom!

Charming Danielle Bregoli, now touring as rap star Bhad Bhabie (via Instagram)

BOYNTON BEACH — Memba Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a. “cash me ousside” girl?

South Florida’s foul-mouthed Dr. Phil star is busy launching a major U.S. tour with her rap act Bhad Bhabie, but court papers near Bregoli’s home in Boynton Beach show she also landed in the middle of another feud between her mother and father.

Ira Peskowitz, 50, Bregoli’s estranged father and a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy, filed a petition for a restraining order against the teen singer’s high-strung mother, Barbara Bregoli.

Ira and Barbara were never married, but their never-ending battles have become the stuff of legend.

This time, a hearing has been scheduled for April 24 to discuss Peskowitz’s allegations, including that Barbara has been using her online skills to make his life miserable.

“It’s become unbearable,” Peskowitz said when asked about his filing. “There are non-stop calls, hundreds of emails, letters and threats from Danielle groupies.

“Barbara is instigating the whole thing … I’m studying for the sergeant exam. I don’t need this.”

In his hand-written petition Peskowitz, who is married to another woman and has two sons with her, claims Barbara made death threats against his wife and other family members. He also says she once went after him with a knife.

PBSO deputy Ira Peskowitz, Danielle Bregoli’s dad (via Facebook)

“The respondent (Barbara) has an obsession with cyberstalking on social media, blogs and articles,” Peskowitz wrote.
He added Barbara has falsely accused him of various crimes and even announced to the world he was diagnosed with a mental illness and exposed the identity of the adopted Peskowitz’s biological mother.

“My biological mom is 70 years of,” Peskowitz told “Why would Barbara tell everybody online who she is?”
He claims Barbara recently told fans they could face-time with Danielle. However, Peskowitz adds, Barbara gave out his cellphone number instead of Danielle’s, and he received 200 face-time calls that day from fans hoping to talk to her one-on-one.

According to records, Peskowitz and the 50-year-old Barbara have been duking it out in various courts since 2003, when Barbara originally filed a paternity lawsuit over the then-infant Danielle.

The case is still open and has now grown to 749 separate motions, orders and filings. There have been legal arguments over visitation rights, squabbles over his $1,100 monthly child support and back-and-forth over phone calls to out-of-control Danielle.

When asked by telephone about the restraining order and upcoming hearing, Barbara Bregoli said from Los Angeles she didn’t know anything about it.

“More power to him,” she said.

Barbara Bregoli accused of being a cyberbully by daughter Danielle Bregoli’s dad (Splash news photo)

Danielle Bregoli found instant celebrity in September 2016 when she and Barbara were the featured interviews on a Dr. Phil show about bad teenagers.

Danielle Bregoli

When she does this to her mom Barbara, it feels like Danielle Bregoli is shooting all of us in the head (via Instagram)

The conversation got so heated that Danielle, then 13, turned to the studio audience taunting her about her rebellious “street” nature that led to several arrests and let out what would become her catchphrase: “Cash me ousside, howbow dat?”

Translation: Catch me outside, how about that?

The Dr. Phil video was turned into countless Internet memes, and Danielle jumped on the social media wave and rode it all the way to a musical act.
Going by the stage name Bhad Bhabie, Danielle kicked off a 32-date rap tour in Santa Ana, Calif., over the weekend. Her Bhanned In The USA tour will take her through Hollywood, San Antonio, Miami and New York, among other cities, before heading to Europe for its summer festival season.

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