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MOTHER OF THE YEAR — Florida Mother Arrested for Letting 2-Year-Old Son Smoke Weed, Meth!


MOTHER OF THE YEAR — Florida Mother Arrested for Letting 2-Year-Old Son Smoke Weed, Meth!

No one would accuse Kaitlyn Ecker of being a helicopter parent (Wakulla County Jail)

CRAWFORDVILLE — While many modern parents question whether all kids really need helmets and knee pads, cops say one Florida mother has sprinted the other direction with her permissive parenting, into the realm of hard core drug use.

Kaitlyn Ecker, 20, was charged with child abuse after her 2-year-old son tested positive for multiple instances of smoking marijuana and meth.

The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office began their investigation in January after receiving a tip about the child’s drug use.

“People ‘joked’ about the child’s ability to roll joints for [his mother],” read a Sheriff’s Office report.

Kids are expensive these days, especially if they develop drug habits when they’re toddlers (via Facebook)

The drug test wasn’t the only evidence to amass about Ecker’s creative, drug-related parenting. A search of her home  in the Florida panhandle revealed paraphernalia such as grinders and a scale, as well as cannabis and meth residue in pipes (believed to be used by the son).

Most damning was an actual bag of pot found by investigators in a basket of the child’s playthings.

True crime enthusiasts dubious about the prospect of a full confession from Ecker would not be disappointed; the young mother fully denied ownership of the pipes and also insisted that no drug use took place in the presence of her son. However, she did (surprisingly) admit to using drugs herself.

Ecker’s candor about her drug usage may be borne of the simple recognition that she couldn’t fool the impending drug tests, which exposed the extent of not just her usage but also her son’s.

“The toxicology results concluded that the 2-year old tested positive for both methamphetamine and amphetamine and the findings were ‘chronic’ rather than ‘acute,’” the Sheriff’s Office stated.

Perhaps most shocking about the entire escapade is that Ecker would share her stash with a 2-year-old at illegal pot and meth prices!

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