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Center of Dreams: New Book Chronicles The 34 Years and $500 Million It Took To Build The Arsht Center


Center of Dreams: New Book Chronicles The 34 Years and $500 Million It Took To Build The Arsht Center

The Adrienne Arsht Center is a marvel, and now you can read all about it (via

MIAMI — When you live with something, say The Adrienne Arsht Center For The Performing Arts in downtown Miami, you might take it for granted.

You might not appreciate what it took to get it built.

For that reason, author Les Standiford decided to take a comprehensive look at just how the avant-garde building sprung up in the heart of a politically fragmented city, and the result is a 250-page book that was just published.

Titled Center of Dreams: Building A World-Class Performing Arts Complex in Miami, the tome chronicles the 34 years it took to plan then build the architecturally daring venue, one with outside walls that have no right angles and world-quality acoustics inside.

That’s right. It took 34 years from inception to completion!

“I don’t think most people realize how long it took,” says author Standiford, a Florida International University professor and former Miami Herald book critic. “It was the most controversial public project ever in South Florida, and it cost pretty close to $500 million.”

That’s nearly three times the original budget of $169 million.

Les Standiford chronicles the 34 years it took to complete the Adrienne Arsht Center (via Les Standiford)

Here’s the good news, says Standiford: He wasn’t able to dig up under-the-table dealings and scandals during his research, and he says the project, amazingly, was built fair-and-square without a whiff of corruption.

It’s just that there were delays due to construction problems, political-bickering and territorial rivalries. And there was plenty of self-doubt from the part of community leaders, some of whom said we’d be better off spending the money on schools, public safety and transportation instead on some cultural venue.

“And with each delay, the final cost would go up by $20 to $30 million,” said the author. “But what people need to remember is that there wasn’t one cent spent from the pockets of Miami-Dade County taxpayers.”

The Arsht was funded by bed taxes from tourists.

A world-class arts center in downtown Miami (via

In the end, according to Standiford’s book, some of the area’s rich and colorful residents also came through.

Within months of the grand opening in 2006, the center was already running out of money.

“There wasn’t enough money to offset the initial operating losses,” Standiford said.

So, when the only solution became the shuttering the brand-spanking-new venue, philanthropist Adrienne Arsht wrote a check for $30 million.

Adrienne Arsht saved the day (via

With the money, the wife of the former counsel to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson allowed the center to keep the doors open and thrive with more adventurous programing.

“In the art community,” says Standiford, “the name of the center is spoken in the same breath as the Lincoln Center in New York and the Kennedy Center in DC.

“It’s amazing we have something like that in Miami.”

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