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DUMB DAD — Police Say Man Left Loaded Gun In Son’s Backpack And Sent Him To School


DUMB DAD — Police Say Man Left Loaded Gun In Son’s Backpack And Sent Him To School

Ramon Nuiry is accused of being a really stupid dad (Miami-Dade jail photo)

MIAMI — It’s not like sensible Americans need any more reasons to insist on gun law reforms, but if they did — one stupid Miami dad has just made a really great case.

Authorities say they arrested 53-year-old Ramon Nuiry for, nearly unbelievably, putting his loaded pistol in his 8-year-old son’s backpack on the way to school and then forgetting about it.

According to reports, Nuiry — no longer in the running for father of the year — realized his mistake and returned to Kendale Elementary and asked to see his son, and his backpack.

According to the arrest report, Nuiry retrieved the weapon from his son’s bag and then went on his way, thinking no one was the wiser.

However, another parent saw the bizarre get-the-gun-from-the-backpack and notified school officials. Officials called Miami-Dade Schools police. Detectives examined surveillance footage and saw what the concerned parent saw.  Nuiry was arrested Thursday afternoon when he came to pick up his son.

Police say the found the gun inside his car.

Nuiry was charged with possessing a weapon on school grounds, improper exhibition of a weapon, possession of a concealed firearm and super bad parenting.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools released the following statement: “The actions of this irresponsible parent who would risk the safety and security of children and others by storing a weapon in his child’s bookbag are abhorrent and reckless. It is extremely fortunate that this event was handled quickly and safely, without any disruption to the school day.”

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