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COPS: Florida Woman Douses Ex In Gasoline And Lights Him On Fire On Easter!


COPS: Florida Woman Douses Ex In Gasoline And Lights Him On Fire On Easter!

Shivon Perez probably didn’t get enough Easter candy. It solves all our problems! (Altamonte Springs Police Department)

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS — If you worry that your holiday gatherings are dysfunctional, the story of Shivon Perez and her ex-boyfriend Bradley Atkins this past Easter should help put things in perspective.

Perez and Atkins had only broken up a week before the holiday, but still had plans to get together as friends. Perez called Atkins to her apartment Easter under the pretense of fixing a leaky bathroom pipe.

Atkins obliged and—while hard at work on his project—was confronted with Perez carrying a mystery container. Atkins asked what was inside.

And this is where the police report gets really interesting.

“It’s gasoline, you son of a bitch,” Perez allegedly told him, dousing him in the flammable fluid. “You’re going to pay.”

She promptly lit him ablaze, according to cops.

They say Perez, 38, had prepared her battlefield so to speak, having boarded up the windows to trap her victim. (She had previously made the excuse to Atkins that it was to keep the light out.)

As Atkins desperately tried to put out the flames on his clothes, Perez poured lighter fluid on the floor and lit allegedly a fire there as well before setting about locking the door to keep Atkins further trapped.

Ultimately, a burning Atkins was able to force his way past Perez and escape the apartment, though he had severe burns to his face, neck, chest, arm and one hand. He was treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Although Atkins had believed his break-up with Perez was a friendly one, the couple reportedly had regular—and loud—fights while together.

“I heard the screaming and which is like a daily thing with them,” reported neighbor Nicole Fader.

The fire department was able to put out the blaze, and Perez was, of course, arrested. After being treated for smoke inhalation, she was taken to Orange County jail where she is being held without bond on charges of attempted homicide, kidnapping and arson.

Atkins already has a GoFundMe page set up to assist with his medical bills; no word on whether the problem with the leaky bathroom pipe was ever solved.



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