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MODERN LOVE — Owen Wilson Shares A Cigarette With Mystery Woman, Causes Evacuation of South Beach Hotel!


MODERN LOVE — Owen Wilson Shares A Cigarette With Mystery Woman, Causes Evacuation of South Beach Hotel!

Turns out Owen Wilson’s real life is kind of like his screen life (Splash News photo)

SOUTH BEACH — It turns out that the love-life of actor Owen Wilson is smoking, though not in a good way.

Wilson, 49, was recently schmoozing with an unidentified blonde companion at The Tavern, the restaurant/bar situated in Hotel Croydon in South Beach. The pair ducked out to have a cigarette near the bathroom. A little harmless rule-breaking, except for one problem:

The cigarette set off the hotel’s smoke alarm.

Owen Wilson and his date are heading out the door (Splash News photo)

As one source put it: “Owen set off the smoke alarm in the hotel by smoking a cigarette near the bathroom. The entire hotel was evacuated.”

The smoky duo seemed unconcerned with the fuss they’d generated. Video footage from the hotel showed them dancing when the alarm sounded, then striding from the building without an apparent care in the world. (Wilson’s mystery girl, in fact, kept smoking!)

Other guests were more perturbed by the turn of events, with some actually evacuating in their pajamas.

Evacuating a hotel, not fun (Splash News photo)

It’s something of a silly escapade for a man about to turn 50, though it can possibly be explained by Wilson’s unwillingness to focus on actually getting older.

“I just turned 49 so I want to enjoy this before I start talking about 50,” the actor said recently. “I feel like a footballer when he wins and they ask, ‘OK, so what about your next game?’ And you want him to reply, ‘Well let me enjoy this win and we’ll deal with the next game when we get to it.’”

Seriously Hansel! (Splash News photo)

In some ways, though, the Wedding Crashers and The Royal Tenenbaums star is focused on moving forward in his life. He’s providing the voice for Zeus in the much-ballyhooed animated movie Naya Legend Of The Golden Dolphin (with co-stars as diverse as Kate Winslet and Cheech Marin) and is also set to reprise his role as roguish cowboy Roy O’Bannon in another outing in his popular Shanghai series with Chinese action legend Jackie Chan.

With any luck, there won’t be any “smoke” related mishaps on set!

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