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WHICH TRUMP Made The Las Olas Triathalon Great Again?


WHICH TRUMP Made The Las Olas Triathalon Great Again?

Lara Trump and little Luke after the Las Olas Triathalon (via Instagram)

FORT LAUDERDALE — Few among the 447 athletes who took part in the City Bikes Las Olas Triathlon at the crack of dawn Sunday realized they competed alongside a celebrity.

And her even more famous husband cheered her on from the sidewalk in relative anonymity, lost among the thousands who lined the beach for the Fort Lauderdale event.

Lara Trump, 35, the former TV reporter married to President Donald Trump’s second son, swam and biked and ran in her third Las Olas Triathlon.

And Eric Trump, 34, her husband of four years, wore beach shorts and a polo shirt so that few people would recognize him.
“That’s why I’m dressing down,” he told this reporter yesterday on the beach. “How did you even find me?”

Well, with Lara’s name on the list of participants published online, it wasn’t exactly scientific.

How did Lara do?

Pretty darn well, actually.

The young mom finished in 2 hours and 8 minutes in often brutal conditions that forced organizers to shorten the Sprint Triathlon. She finished fifth in her age and gender category, women between 35 and 39, and 196th overall. The event consisted of a 0.31-mile swim in the rough Atlantic Ocean, a 21-mile bike race through the streets of the north side of the city and a 6.2-mile run along the beach.

Throughout the race, Secret Service agents trailed Lara. One walked the beach as she swam, another biked behind her and yet another ran alongside her.

Yet, the former Inside Edition producer looked less winded than the men who shadowed her in spurts when she passed the finish line, 136 minutes after the mass start.

There’s a good reason for that, says the extended family member who’s been the most supportive of father-in-law Donald: She trains hard.

“Exercise helps me maintain my sanity and it’s a little more important now than ever,” says Lara. “It’s a great stress reliever. It’s an incredible feeling to finish one of these races. And I just love training for it.”

The most brutal part of the Sunday dawn competition, Lara said, was the swim.

The 74.3-degree seas were so rough it made dozens of participants seasick, and the length of the swim was shortened to one third of the regulation 0.9 mile.

During her 55-minute bike ride, her husband arrived with their first-born son, 6-month-old Luke, in a carriage.

“This is her thing,” Eric said about Lara’s love for triathlons. “She loves marathons and triathlons. It’s her passion.”

So much so, Donald Jr. and Ivanka’s brother pointed out, his wife was in her first trimester of pregnancy with Luke when she ran the same event last year.

“You actually ran a triathlon already,” Eric told his son as he leaned into the carriage. “You ran with your mommy.”
A chubby baby who looks like grandfather Donald, the little one squinted as the sun started to shine brighter.

“I’m into skiing and golf,” said Eric.



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