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LISTEN: Rapper Rick Ross’s Pal Pleads For Help In Anxious 911 Call!


LISTEN: Rapper Rick Ross’s Pal Pleads For Help In Anxious 911 Call!

Rick Ross

Rick Ross’s buddy made a frantic call to 911 to get the rapper some help (Splash News photo)

DAVIE — It took nearly 15 minutes for paramedics to reach rapper Rick Ross’s house in Davie last week as the porky entertainer suffered a medical episode that witnesses called “a seizure.”

Ross, 42, spent the weekend at the hospital after the March 1 incident at his $1.2 million-mansion behind the gates of the Long Lake Ranches community.

And while it’s still unclear why the singer ended up on the floor of his bedroom drifting in and out of consciousness as a friend tried to help him, audio from two 911 calls released by Davie Police show confusion ruled for long minutes while Ross vomited blood.

An unidentified friend of Ross first called 911 from inside the house at 3:34 a.m. a week ago today.

“A friend of mine at his house and, …, we’re trying to wake him up,” the friend tells the 911 operator. “He’s breathing hard. His name’s William Roberts (Ross’s real name) and I need an ambulance asap.

“He was throwing up. I know he’s had seizures before. He took his medicine earlier but he’s not breathing right.”

Listen to the call below:

For the next four minutes and 30 seconds and with Ross drifting in and out of consciousness, the caller tries to figure out Ross’ address and is unable to find it, causing a delay in the rescue response.

At one point, the out-of-breath male caller appears to leave the mansion to find mail in nearby mailboxes.

“I know it’s 1-0-3-9-8,” the caller says while walking fast, “but I don’t know what street this is. Please help me.”

He is finally able to blurt out the rest of the address, Laurel Road, and the ambulance crews start rolling.

Later in the call, Ross is said to be in a “cold sweat and breathing hard and shaking real bad” but seems to be conscious enough to sit up.

“He vomited light blood,” the caller tells the operator as rescue crews approach.

The caller tells Ross “you all right, help’s on the way.”

The singer of Hustlin’ and Aston Martin, Ross returned home from the hospital Monday after, according to published reports, he was hooked oxygen pump for parts of four days.

Ross has had a history of seizures. In 2011, he suffered two within six hours, forcing his private jet to land both times.

Ross, a former Miami-Dade County corrections officer, has battled obesity but he eventually shed 75 pounds from his 350 with exercise and better nutrition.

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