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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Official Begs To Be Arrested In Embarrassing DUI Incident!

Palm Beach

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Official Begs To Be Arrested In Embarrassing DUI Incident!

AJ O'Laughlin

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Captain AJ O’Laughlin was arrested for DUI in November (PBSO photo)

BOYNTON BEACH —  Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Capt. AJ O’Laughlin, the former legislative vice president of the firefighters union, pleaded guilty to reckless driving last month in a Palm Beach County court and was sentenced to 12 months probation.

O’Laughlin, 50, was originally charged with DUI after a nasty afternoon arrest Nov. 9 in Boynton Beach.

Under a plea agreement, O’Laughlin must submit to random drug and booze testing, and pay for it, perform 75 hours of community service and use a breath-locking device on his car for six months.

Cops pulled O’Laughlin over after he allegedly jumped curbs and drove through red lights near police headquarters.

He refused to submit to alcohol tests and spent most of the time in custody arguing with police who, at first, didn’t seem to be willing to arrest him.

And that’s in addition to peeing on the floor and door of his holding cell!

Gossip Extra has just obtained the videos of the arrest. We condensed it all into 1 hour of footage from different angles. Bear in mind as you watch this: O’Laughlin has been on leave from his job at fire rescue WITH PAY since the arrest.

Warning: O’Laughlin lobbed dozens of f-bombs at the cops, at least one n-word at the black officers and countless references about their racism.

At one point, O’Laughlin seems to think Boynton’s black lawmen have a problem with drunk old white guys.

O’Laughlin also tries to make sure the cops knew “who he is” and used Gov. Rick Scott‘s name like it couldn’t wear out.

And the video shows the officers showed way more deference to O’Laughlin than they would’ve with any old civilian, and actually worked hard NOT to arrest him despite the fact they found an empty beer can on the back seat of his car. The firefighter, meanwhile, kept asking to be put in jail.

Check out the video below:

The play-by-play:

— 00:40; A confused O’Laughlin just got pulled over and tells cops he is headed to “North County” despite the fact he was headed south in and overshot his home in Port St. Lucie by more than 60 miles

— 01:30; O’Laughlin tells the officers he is a “fire man,” something that grabs the officers’ attention

— 02:05; One officer tells the other ‘man, I don’t want to ruin this man’s career, but …” tells O’Laughlin he can smell liquor on his breath

— 03:05; A female officer tells O’Laughlin she found pills in his car and asks what they’re for. O’Laughlin starts becoming abusive, telling her it’s none of her f…..g business. The officer says “we’re just trying to help you out!”

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— 04:10; “Put me in jail,” O’Laughlin tells the female cop after she asks if anyone could come get him

— 04:30; “Hey, hey, f… you guys,” O’Laughlin says after the female cop asks if he’d not rather take a field sobriety test instead of going to jail

— 05:56; “I advocate your pension guys,” O’Laughlin says. “I was just advocating your rights in Tallahassee … Call Rick Scott, I was hanging around with him.”

— 07:30; The officer reads O’Laughlin’s Miranda rights

— 10:10; “I’m not your bro,” one officer tells O’Laughlin as he finally gets arrested and asked to sit in the back of a squad car. “Bro, I am on your side, you have no idea,” O’Laughlin says

— 18:12; O’Laughlin is handcuffed and sitting on a bench at police headquarters and tries to chat up the cops. He sports a small gash on top of his bald head, a wound he sustained after he fell off a bench in the cell

— 21:10; “F…… fire man getting arrested for bull shit,” O’Laughlin says to himself. “I watch you guys beat the shit out of people all the time.” He then tells another officer to “suck my c… and promises that “when all is said and done” he ‘s going to have them fired

— 25:00; O’Laughlin asks cops to loosen his handcuffs but when they refuse, he says: “A dog gets treated better than I am.”

— 29:15; “They f…… beat me in the head,” O’Laughlin tells a fellow fire rescue paramedic called to treat the gash to his head. A cop tells him he fell alone, and the fall was caught on the department’s surveillance video. O’Laughlin tells the same tall tell to several people later in the video

— 32:55; O’Laughlin gets loaded into an ambulance for transport to the hospital

— 35:00; O’Laughlin seems to believe the paramedic helping him works for Indian River County, two hours north of Boynton Beach

— 44:50; O’Laughlin tells a nurse at the hospital an officer threw him down onto the ground when he is asked what happened to his head

— 54:00; “It’s going to be major news that I got arrested,” O’Laughlin says while at the hospital

— 1:02:31; During his ride to the county jail, O’Laughlin complains to a black officer about “the white man getting f….d.” Says O’Laughlin: “You shouldn’t be trashing white people the way you do. Bro, you told me you hate white people.” Later, at his arrival to the county slammer, O’Laughlin tells the black cop not to touch him and accuses him of not liking white people.

AJ O’Laughlin (middle), with Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw (left) and ladies at the recent Palm Beach Mayor’s Ball (Mike Jachles photo)

After his arrest, another video we obtained last year shows O’Laughlin peeing on the floor and door of his holding cell and the door then falling from a bench and, eventually, sitting in his own bodily fluids, your might think twice about drinking and driving.

A top official with the local International Association of Firefighters, O’Laughlin was until his term ran out March 1 the union’s legislative vice president and friend to many politicians.

According to the police report, several motorists reported someone was driving a gray Ford pickup truck recklessly south on US 1 about 4 p.m. Nov. 9 in Boynton Beach.

One caller reported the driver going through a red light and nearly hitting a light pole.

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