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COPS: FLORIDUH Man Assaults Girlfriend For Bad-mouthing Tom Brady!


COPS: FLORIDUH Man Assaults Girlfriend For Bad-mouthing Tom Brady!

Alan Tusing does not want anyone to talk smack about Tom Brady (Splash News photo)

PALMETTO — The celebratory riots in Philadelphia after the Eagles defeated the New England Patriots Sunday in Super Bowl LII is probably all the reminder we need that major sporting events can elicit strong reactions from fans. Nonetheless, a man in Palmetto has provided another one.

Allen Tusing, 39, was watching the Super Bowl in his bedroom with his live-in girlfriend and—perhaps over-excited by the events of the game—took offense to her “provocative statements about Tom Brady,” according to a police report.

And cops say that offense was a precursor to assault.

According to the police report, Tusing became “angry with rage” at the comments about Patriots quarterback Brady.

Cops say Tusing then tackled his girlfriend, pinned her on the bed with arms held down, and hit her “on the right side of her mouth area.”

What’s not to love? (Splash News photo)

Undoubtedly ruffled over the mouth-area business, Tusing girlfriend seemed about to mount a response, prompting Tusing’s warning, “Hit me and I’ll hit you again,” according the only witness, Tusing’s son.

Tusing left the scene immediately after, but returned to his home later in the evening. Police took him into custody at about 10:30 on a charge of domestic battery.

The apparent Patriots fan was subsequently released from county jail on a $500 bond with a court date of March 6th.

Even at a slight downtick from previous years, the Super Bowl was a massively-watched event, with an average viewership of 103.4 million, which was enough to place it as the 10th- most-watched program in the history of television in the United States. It was a sobering loss for Brady, a Super Bowl veteran, who last year mounted a remarkable late-game comeback and led his team to Super Bowl victory against the Atlantic Falcons.

Hopefully for those around him, Tusing hasn’t yet learned how this year’s game ended.



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