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COPS: Boynton Beach Housewife Goes On Rampage After Arguing With Husband Over HOA Infractions!


COPS: Boynton Beach Housewife Goes On Rampage After Arguing With Husband Over HOA Infractions!

Lisa Barreca

Lisa Barreca and her husband, whom police say she shot in an argument over HOA complaints (via YouTube)

BOYNTON BEACH — According to police, a Boynton Beach woman shot her husband in heated argument over HOA complaints.

Lisa Barreca, 53, is facing charges of attempted first-degree murder after allegedly shooting her husband four times, once in the head.

Eric Barreca is currently listed in stable condition.

Neighbors were quick to point out that they weren’t surprised given that Lisa Barreca seemed “obsessed” with code violations in the neighborhood and had an ongoing feud with Damien Ferraiolo, a Delray Beach police officer and the homeowner’s association’s president.

“I think some of those bullets could have been intended for me or the (HOA vice president) or my family,” Ferraiolo said. “She is a very unstable, unhappy person. She harassed several of her neighbors all of the time and had a vendetta against me.”

Earlier in the day, Barreca had gotten into an argument with Ferraiolo’s wife after complaining that her 8-year-old son had been skateboarding on Aspen Leaf Drive.

The police had already visited Barreca earlier the day on Monday after neighbors complained of “trouble” at her home. Barreca had reportedly been blasting music and shining a flood light on her next-door neighbor’s home after the resident filed a complaint with the HOA.

In a letter sent in October to residents by Barreca, she listed a series of petty complaints, including the presence of a portable basketball hoop in a neighbor’s driveway.

“I know some of you will not like me very much after this letter and some will appreciate my efforts,” Barreca stated.

Neighbors accuse her of stalking fellow community members and photographing their homes to present evidence of perceived violations.

“She wanted to fine everyone for every little thing,” Ferraiolo said. “I told her that no one is going to want to live in a neighborhood like that. Because I wouldn’t agree with her, she became a condo commando.”

Eric Barreca told police that after following his wife to the garage during the argument, “she retrieved her firearm (a .380 Ruger handgun) from her car.”

She allegedly fired at him multiple times. He sustained wounds to his head, both arms, his right leg and his back.

Police say that after the shooting, Barreca made no attempt to aid her husband or call for help. Investigators are currently examining the footage from the security cameras around the home.

Lisa Barreca alleges she “was in fear,” despite the fact that she shot her husband in the back as he tried to get away. According to police, she shows “no signs of emotion or remorse.”

Ferraiolo says he’s now living in fear that “we will have to deal with her again.”

“I’ve been bracing my wife, (HOA board members) and everyone that, ‘Listen, she might be back here in a month,’ ” he added. “Everyone in the neighborhood is in fear.”

Barreca’s Facebook page includes a series of petitions to end Black Friday and save the bears, yet unsurprisingly none for more gun control.

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