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HANDS OFF — British Designer India Hicks Fends Off Handsy Gym-Goer in Miami!


HANDS OFF — British Designer India Hicks Fends Off Handsy Gym-Goer in Miami!

India Hicks

British bird India Hicks wants Americans to keep their hands to themselves! (via Instagram)

MIAMI — The Brits are not known for their touchy-feely nature. Case in point, when the Obamas visited the Queen of England for the first time, much was made of the fact that Michelle Obama dared to put her hand on the monarch’s back in a friendly gesture.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that during a recent visit to a gym in Miami, India Hicks, former bridesmaid to Princess Diana, and the third child of Lady Pamela Mountbatten and David Nightingale Hicks, was bothered by a fellow spinner who couldn’t seem to keep his hands to himself.

The designer and socialite is a second cousin to Prince Charles, who is also her godfather through her maternal grandfather, The Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

While she was in Miami this weekend, she decided to schedule a gym class. Little did she know, the outing would become uncomfortably physical, as a local gym-goer, seemingly got too familiar with the generally reserved Brit.

And that left her bloody annoyed.

Hicks wrote on her blog that though the behavior was certainly not sexual in nature, it was “weird,” adding “the dude next to me on the cycle was tapping my arm every so often, in a compassionate ‘we-can-do-it’ sort of way.”

The bohemian designer, known for enjoying the good life with her family in the Bahamas, as well as at her home in Oxfordshire, England, took the experience with a grain of salt, writing on her blog, “I did not want to be tapped compassionately at my sweatiest moment. I’m English for heaven’s sake. We hardly hug our mothers.”

In fact, Hicks has a reputation of being the antithesis of aristocratic snobbery. She was reportedly expelled from Gordonstoun School in Scotland, recently depicted as the hellish alma mater of Prince Charles and his father on The Crown, for hosting boys in her room. Her love for the island life developed from spending holidays at her father’s estate in the Bahamas. She now spends much of her time there with long-term partner, David Flint Wood, and their four children.

Her lifestyle website features Hicks’ signature fashions as well as lifestyle advice.



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