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Surviving “Yoga Twin” Acquitted of Murder for Sister’s Death


Surviving “Yoga Twin” Acquitted of Murder for Sister’s Death

Alexandria Duval, Anastasia Duval

Alexandria Duval has been found not guilty of murdering her twin, Anastasia (via Facebook)

PALM BEACH GARDENS — The turbulent murder trial this week of Alexandria Duval (formerly “Alison Dadow”) for driving the shared car of she and her now-deceased twin off a Hawaii cliff has finally come to a close, with a verdict of “not guilty” for the surviving sister.

Alexandria, along with her sister Anastasia Duval (formerly “Ann Dadow”) operated the successful and popular Twin Power Yoga Studios in Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach before leaving the business in 2014 after various debt crises and alleged failure to pay employees.

They bounced around for a while afterwards, always together, setting up shop in Utah for a time before finally settling in Hawaii, where they began using their new names. Legal problems (largely of their own making) seemed to follow the volatile sisters at every step of their journey.

Prosecutors this week tried to show that Alexandria was at fault in Anastasia’s death. The twins, per witness testimony, engaged in a violent, hair-pulling fight over the steering wheel of their SUV before plummeting 200 feet off a Maui cliff, a plunge that only Alexandria survived.

Testimony over the course of the week from those who knew the sisters didn’t paint either of them in a flattering light.

“They fought like men,” the twins’ friend Federico Bailey told the court. “They punched each other. They fought like soldiers. It seemed like they had some martial-arts training. They know how to fight, and they used their techniques on each other.”

As Keith Weiss, a Florida chef and a former boyfriend of Anastasia’s, explained: “They were great people when they were sober, but the minute they [began] drinking, they were like Jekyll and Hyde.’”

Over the course of the trial, a picture emerged of the sisters as being routinely violent with one another and clearly possessed of a drinking problem.

“They both came in [dressed in] street clothes and changed my music and started adjusting students’ poses, the kind of things they taught me not to do,” fellow yoga instructor Shelly Slatkin relayed of a bizarre 2013 incident in her classroom. “Only afterward did I realize it may have been alcohol-induced.”

Although the impression the court received of the sisters this week was a decidedly unfavorable one, it wasn’t enough to convince Judge Peter T. Cahill that Alexandria was guilty of murder. He acquitted the troubled twin on Thursday.

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