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Palm Beach County “Yoga Twin” On Trial For Murder After Driving Her Sister Off A Cliff!


Palm Beach County “Yoga Twin” On Trial For Murder After Driving Her Sister Off A Cliff!

Alison Dadow Ann Dadow Anastasia Duval Alexandria Duval

Alison and Ann Dadow were popular yoga instructors (via Facebook)

PALM BEACH GARDENS — A pair of globetrotting twin sisters who once ran successful yoga studios in Palm Beach County are at the center of a bizarre legal proceeding.

Alexandria Duval (formerly “Alison Dadow”) is presently on trial for the murder of her twin, Anastasia Duval (formerly Ann Dadow), via driving the car they both occupied over a cliff in Hawaii.

Duval, 39, is pleading not guilty. Her lawyer represented in court Monday that Anastasia’s death was merely a tragic accident.

As the pair drove along Hana Highway on the island of Maui in 2016, they fought viciously over the steering wheel, struggling and pulling hair. Chad Smith, a resident of the island who passed them on the highway, testified that they were arguing and that he had to swerve to get out of their path.

The sisters were widely known to have a contentious relationship. Keith Weiss, a Florida chef who was previously in a relationship with Anastasia, can attest to that.

The Dadow twins, in Palm Beach Gardens (via Facebook)

“There was just so much drama,” Weiss recounted. “I remember this one time, the three of us were at the mall, and Anastasia smacked Alexandria in the back of the head. They raged.”

Weiss described the fighting as “pulling hair, pinching each other.”

It seems likely that something similar may have transpired in the SUV on that fateful 2016 day in Maui, as the autopsy allegedly showed “long, loose blond hairs” were in both of Anastasia’s hands.

The Dadow twins’ SUV moments after it plunged down a 200-foot cliff in Hawaii (KITV photo)

Anastasia, who was in the passenger seat, was killed by the 200-foot drop off the cliff, though Alexandria miraculously survived. A judge, seeing nothing to suggest murder, released Alexandria, who traveled to New York and was later arrested there after a grand jury indictment.

The sisters bounced around a lot, always together, from New York to Florida to Utah and—finally—Hawaii in 2015, which is where the pair changed their names.

A sad end to an unusual relationship, to be sure. Alexandria has chosen to have a judge (rather than a jury) make the ultimate ruling on her case, which should bring the saga to a close sometime this week.

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