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More Prison Time For Florida Inmate Who Threatened To Kill Obama, Trump and Clinton!


More Prison Time For Florida Inmate Who Threatened To Kill Obama, Trump and Clinton!

Richard Jeremy Ware 1

Richard Jeremy Ware, not a fan of presidents (Marion County Jail photo)

SUMTER — Richard Jeremy Ware, a Florida inmate serving five years for threatening to assassinate Barack Obama will serve another four years and three months for threatening to kill Donald Trump.

In March, the 42-year-old wrote letter stating his intention to “murder the United States president Donald Trump,” after being released from Coleman Correctional Institution in 2018.

Guards at the federal prison in central Florida saw the letter that Ware sent out in March. Ware stated the letter was written by him. He pleaded guilty and was was sentenced Monday.

But Ware was already serving time for plans he laid out in a letter sent in November 2011. He said he intended to kill Obama, then-first lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and George Bush. He also planned on sexually assaulting the Obamas’ two daughters.

After completing his prison term, he will be on probation for three years, the Ocala Star-Banner reported.

“When enough money is made we will use it to create a fighting force that I will use to destroy the (presidency) from the inside out then I will murder Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, George Bush, (Barack) Obama and his wife then take hostage and molest his two little girls daily,” he wrote in the 2011 letter, according to court documents.

In Ware’s letter, he states “I assure you that I am serious,” stating that he was “not afraid to die,” according to the newspaper.

He also called the Prison Rape Elimination Action hotline and left over 10 voicemail messages about his intent to kill Obama.

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