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Presidents Barack Obama And George W. Bush Join South Florida Golf Club!


Presidents Barack Obama And George W. Bush Join South Florida Golf Club!

The Floridian

New Floridian Golf Club members Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush know that if you’re going to golf, you should do it in style (The Floridian photo)

STUART — Friends of former Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga’s who played at The Floridian, the golf club that once was his private playground in the Stuart area, know it’s worthy of at least two presidents.


Now known as The Florida National Golf Club since it was bought from Huizenga by Texas investor Jim Crane in 2010, it just got two of those as members.

Crane, the owner of the Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros, told his city’s media that former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush joined the club over the past few months.

Think that makes posh golf-resort collector Donald Trump secretly envious?

It appears Obama, who played at The Floridian as president with the likes of Miami Heat legend Alonzo Mourning, swung around with Tiger Woods last week then signed up.

“Mr. Obama has been to our place a few times before and had a little down time, he was doing some work in Florida, and spent a few days there playing golf,” Crane told Houston’s Fox affiliate.

Dubya, whose grandpa Prescott Bush owned a beachfront compound a few miles in Jupiter Island that served as the family’s winter hangout, recently signed up as well.

“So we have both sides of the political spectrum covered there,” Crane said.

Membership is said to be going for $50,000 in initiation fees then at least $15,000-a-year.

While Obama was criticized mercilessly by Trump for golfing a few times a year, Bush gave up the sport during his first term because, he said, he didn’t want the families of military members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan see him play golf while servicemen and women were getting shot at.

At one point, Huizenga lived on the St. Lucie County club and limited membership to The Floridian to a few dozen family members and friends.

But when he started unloading properties like the Dolphins, Huizenga got rid of the club where he had entertained the likes of actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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