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FSU Frat Boys Charged With Hazing In Death Of Pledge Andrew Coffey!


FSU Frat Boys Charged With Hazing In Death Of Pledge Andrew Coffey!

Andrew Coffey Pi Kappa Phi

FSU indefinitely suspended all Greek life after Coffey’s death (via Creative Commons)

TALLAHASSEE — Nine Florida State University students have been charged with hazing following the death of Pi Kappa Phi pledge Andrew Coffey, 22, on November 3.

The Tallahassee Police Department issued arrest warrants yesterday for Luke E. Klutz, Clayton M. Muehlstein, Anthony Oppenheimer, John B. Ray, Kyle J. Bauer, Christopher M. Hamlin, Conner R. Ravelo, Brett A. Birmingham and Anthony Petagine.

The TDP Chief Michael DeLeo, stated, “This collaborative investigation was critical to finding answers for Andrew Coffey’s family and our community. Hopefully this investigation and its outcome will prevent another tragedy from occurring.”

State Attorney Jack Campbell sent an email at 3:27 yesterday to eight of the defense attorneys for the fraternity brothers.

“The media has extensively requested notice of these decisions as have you. I am trying to strike a balance,” Campbell wrote. “If I file I will immediately notify you, likely first thing in the morning, via this email and you will be able to have your client surrender and arrange bond before any cameras arrive at the jail. I will plan to notify the media that afternoon but will not lie if I get a specific question after filing so if it leaks otherwise I am sorry and have tried to avoid that.”

Andrew Coffey Pi Kappa Phi

Fraternity pledge Andrew Coffey’s died of alcohol poisoning with a BAC of .447 (via WSVN)

Coffey, whose blood alcohol level was .447, died of of alcohol poisoning during a “Big Brother Night” fraternity party, which is billed as a chance for senior fraternity members to get to know pledges.

The fraternity has since been suspended, though the grand jury did conclude that Coffey’s alcohol intake was not physically forced. The party included consuming liquor straight from the bottle. Soon after, he passed out and was “snoring loudly” on a couch while pledges played pool.

A pledge attempted to awaken Coffey to no avail. He then texted five fraternity members and called 911.

DeLeo stated that the investigation was aided by the Florida State University Police.

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